NoEXP - Adventures in MMORPG world


Player 1 : Welcome to Questria, a Video Game MMORPG world

You are a brand new member of Adventurer Guild, and you are set to slay some MOBS, grind some EXP and find some fat LOOT! Some may call you NOOB but soon you will be Twinked Up and ready to join some major RAIDS. So pick up your wooden sword and newbie straw armor, and get ready to take care of that Rat problem, everyone is talking about.

In order to draw ideas and hilarious antics for my NoEXP comic, I am restarting my roll20 campaign.

The game will simulate all the hilarity of CRPG and MMO quests, silly loot drops, bugs, patches, guilds, noobs, PVP, PK, Corpse runs, cheaters and all such silliness never touched in regular pen and paper games.

Your story as players will be used as inspiration for NoEXP volume 2, and the system itself may once become published RPG system.

So if you think yourself to be real Serious ( I mean Seriously funny ) Roleplayer, come join Questria FTW !

Archetypes for my NoEXP game