Nobility of the rope



Hey all you lumpy heads, after a brief hiatus with my group due to adult life getting in the way, I am finally prepping some material to get us back into rollin some dice and having a fun night of gameplay. For my inspiration I am going with a gang I came up with a while ago, that i posted about previously Guilds, Gangs, and Groups . I am going to have the Lord of the Gallows sending his undead knights into the lands surrounding his Prison “Castle” to expand his territory and conquest. The players will have to defend their little town from the undead hordes sieging the town. I just got hit with a jolt of inspiration for this fun mini campaign, and what with Ole’ Hank making all the videos about producing published material i thought i would take a stab at it myself. Here is the first bit of art to use as my jumping off point. His “scepter” is the handle of the lever that they pulled to release the floorboards as his death sentence was carried out. Anyways, I hope y’all have as much fun with your work as i did thinking about the progression of this little project. Hopefully soon i will be able to put out my first encounters/ published materials.Strength, Honor, and DIY RPGs!!!


Hey Shield wall, a little update and a change of pacing as i have started committing this module to paper… or 1’s and 0’s now that we are in the digital age. instead of doing a siege to begin this scene (as i feel like it would make the players want to hunker down instead of seeking out the lord himself), i will run it as a kidnapping. players will be begged by the affected family to save their loved one and either pay the ransom, or bust some skulls. the rub is, they don’t have the requisite cash on hand… will they appeal to the community? Burgle the local lord? or say forget it and pay in blood? only time shall tell. i am getting frighteningly close to being able to playtest this and i am very excited! I can’t wait to get back into GMing, and i hope all you lumpy heads are enjoying your time at the table, either in person or over cyberspace. Perhaps after i try it out with my home group i will make a call out to you fine folks to see if there is interest to play :slight_smile: