Newbe Question: Character minis


I have downloaded the original packet for ICRPG core with the Alfheim and Warp Core minis for pcs. I saw there is another one (with the Mariachi). Where can I find more PC minis icons done by @Runehammer or in the same style?


Search DTRPG for Runehammer and you’ll find his whole line of products; if I recall either WORLDS or Vol. 3 has the western minis.


Do the Index Card Packages also have minis or just scenery?


They have both. You get a lot for your money.


Thanks. I will buy the first packet.


@Jupamejia this is a great tool for busting out some fun tokens. if you use ( photo shop) or ( photopea) you can have some real cool looking tokens.


Thanks. This looks pretty cool.