New YouTube Channel starting with HARD SUIT Campaign vids!



Hail and well met fellow Shield Wall! I recently started a Hard Suit Campaign and decided it was time to finally build a YouTube channel focused on my RPG Gaming sessions.

Hex crawling always seemed intimidating until I found Hard Suit! I encourage EVERYONE to give it a try. As you will see in the video, me and my fellow lumpy headed Oddventurers have an absolute blast with Discovery Play!


Wow! This is so awesome! The video is well done and the maps and rain graphics are really nice! I’m jealous of your players, this looks like a great time and I look forward to seeing how the adventure develops.

May I ask what VTT platform you were using for this game?

Also, it is great to see those Hard Suit tokens in action!


Loved the content! The visuals looked great and the flow of the game was perfect!

Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the next session!


Hey! Thanks for the watch, I’m glad you enjoyed it! There’s PLENTY more where that came from :smiley:

For the first episode I used for its simplicity. I realized afterwards that I REALLY wanted to have all rice rolls shown. So going forward I will be using Foundry VTT.

For the clouds and rain, I used DaVinci Resolve to create the effects (these are included in FVTT btw lol).

Your tokens are great and really did the job! I wouldn’t mind a top-down version of them though :wink:


Thank you for checking it out! I was worried the flow was a bit slow paced, but seems folks like you liked it!

I appreciate the vote of confidence and can’t wait to share the next installments of this fantastic new system!


I thought it was really quick actually! I enjoyed the pace of it a lot. Can’t wait for the next installments.