New weird Dungeon in the Mines of Jerome!


(edit with new and improved easier on the eyes Primer)

Jerome is about to celebrate the first year of their Survival!!!
4 brave souls went and survived the dungeon’s first challenge where no one has before. They came out almost unscathed mostly because of Sandy the Miner and Deacon James…But Law and the ever-popular TwoGap seem to be more popular among the bar going folk.

From their stories and winning of that adventure, many are trying their luck, but few are returning…

Will, you face the Dangers of “The Challenge Dungeon” or will you go seeking further in the wilderness where civilizations and contact with the rest of the world still needs to be made?

Character Prep Doc!

New, Better, More Readable Primer doc!!! sure to solve Blindness and that bald spot you are hiding with that hat!!!
Because my players are awesome!!! one made a more readable Primer!!!


Great! Now I have a good place to start. Thank you very much for sharing.


Mixing historic Lore with Game Lore makes things more Visceral to me… Take the posatives or negatives of someone you are aware of, and turn them to 11!


@Cherique was sooo awesome to redo some of the stylings on the primer sheet!!! Mostly because it made her eyes bleed, or at least it pained her to have to reference that document from time to time…so she made it Mo Better as Hankerin would Say.

also on the Main top page for ease of access!!!


It can be fun to bring in family ties, too. Louis Dearborn LaMoore was a second cousin.


What I so poorly tried to say is tying the game narrative to the player’s own family history, if it can be discovered. My family were cowboys that worked to move cattle across the open plains. Their stories were varied. My family still owns the guns. L’Amour wrote some of those stories down.


I agree…the issue with family ties into a fictional story…well feelings can be hurt and thanksgivings are that much more awkward…so a delicate hand is required for that.


Agreed. It may be something to offer, if they are interested. My name is on a tombstone. Fiction and game play remain as entertainment. I would not confuse reality with fantasy, but I take your point. Sometime, fiction should remain fictional.


character Fleeing!!! A rather Large Gelatinous Cube!

here is the unpopulated version, shoutout to @Chaologic for his Dungeon Pack!