New to VTT


So, A bit of a weird ask/post, so please bear with me. I am an older gamer, 80s AD&D vintage. I have triplet 13yo boys who I’ve tried to play using pen and paper, with “meh” interest level from them. I’m competing with Fortnite, Roblox, TikTok, etc.

Anyway, I’ve never really payed much attention to VTT since I’ve always played f2f. I got more interested after watching @KaneDriscol VTT playlist on YT. (Nice work, BTW)

I’m no Luddite, I work for a Silicon Valley tech firm. But, I’m thinking I’d really like to sit in on a VTT game and learn the ropes, so speak. My thoughts are that maybe I can incorporate VTT with a tabletop session with some minis and terrain to provide an “enhanced” experience. The boys could be on their tablets, even though we are face to face, and I use digital imagery and art to make it more visual.


Hey @TripletDadTX, The Moldy Crew and I are always pulling folks into games online. If you can handle a Zoom call, you have all the tech you need to play with us for a one-shot or two. If you’re game, I’ll shoot you a DM with details.


Great idea! There are a variety of VTTs available, each with different pros and cons.

The Runehammer VTT requires a Patreon account in order to log in as a GM. I don’t think you need to even be a patron to anyone - just need an account. Log in and goof around a bit with the interface. Upload a background image, drop some tokens, etc.

Roll20 is worth playing with, too. It offers a variety of additional features, but that necessarily makes it more complicated to use. They have a pretty nice tutorial.

Owlbear Rodeo is yet another free VTT. I haven’t used it yet, but I know some folks who say it’s good enough.

Feel free to DM me if you’d like to try to coordinate a session to walk through Runehammer VTT. Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to ask a question in real time, or just have a helping hand. I’m in the Eastern US time zone, fwiw.


That would be fun, what nights do you usually play?


Thank you! I’m glad they are helping. Definitely able to help out as well with any specific questions.

I’d also be happy to host a game too. I’m actually trying to put together one sometime soon for another shield who asked for pretty much the same thing. I can let you know the details once I get them pinned down and see if that works.

Overall, it seems like you’ve got plenty of options and I recommend you take them all, especially getting help from @skippy and the Moldy Crew. Masterclasses right there :smiley: