New to ICRPG and looking to buy the book


Hi everyone.

I’m looking to buy the ICRPG master edition hardback. I checked Amazon and they only sell the 2nd edition. Does anyone know if Amazon will carry the master edition and if I buy it there, can I get a copy of the PDF also? If not, where is the best place to buy it? I’m in the U.S. btw.



Modiphius is the place to get the hardcover and pdf combo! –


You can buy the PDF from DriveThruRPG and the book from Mophidius’ website.

God speid! o7


modiphius does eventually distribute through amazon with some of their more popular titles…


Thank you for confirming. Will you provide the pdf if we show proof of purchase from Amazon?


You can also check with your local gaming store. If they carry Modiphius books they should have it (soon). Mine is on order for early February.


Aaaaaaaaand…BACK IN STOCK again! :+1:

(Currently about 40 copies…)