New Supplement - CHILDREN OF IRE


Hello all,
I just listed a new ICRPG supplement on DriveThru if you’re interested. It is listed at $4 USD and uses the ICRPG CORE 2E ruleset. Over the years, I’ve made many attempts to simplify ICRPG even further for my younger kids, but in the end, I only ever ended up switching to a different system meant for their age. Now my kids are a little older and finally starting to do basic math.

I pulled together my old notes and tried introducing them to Alfheim. They were a little overwhelmed so I started over again, this time only using the island of Ire and scrapped all of the previous World Primer.

What evolved was an early land of Ire, falling sometime between Blood & Snow and the World of Alfheim. We condensed the races, classes, magic, and lore while only focusing on this one landscape. I ended up with this 48 page supplement that I hope others can get some use out of as well. For a description of what’s included, follow the link below.

*Disclaimer: This book does not contain as much artwork as my previous titles. I did create a world map, a few smaller dungeon idea maps, and various flavor icons. In place of character and monster art, I included brief descriptions to help you bring these beings to life. Cheers!


This looks very interesting. I am currently running a campaign in Ire at the moment, fun to see this pop up at the same time!


Just got it, I can’t wait to dig in. Gearing it towards younger players is music to my ears; anything to make my job easier at work is fine by me haha.


Got my hands on this. Here’s a 10 minute audio review if you’d like to hear more.


I’m excited to check this one out. I looked at the preview & will be purchasing soon. Thanks! (I listened to the review above too)


Hope you enjoy it! Let me know.