New recruit to the Shield Wall looking for a game


Hello fellow ICRPG fans,
I recently discovered the game through watching some of Brandish’s YouTube videos. I had moved away from D20 based games quite awhile ago, but the streamlined approach inspires creativity and brought me back.

I’d like to run it for my family, but would like to play some before I do. Are there any online games that may have an opening? I’d prefer fantasy, but am open to others. I’m in the Northern Virginia area of the US, so the east coast time zone.


[DONE] Brand new player, looking for one shot, and help [DONE]

I am kinda in the same boat and have been searching for an online TTRPG off and on for a few months. Looking for a open spot for games such as: Zweihander or Numenera on Roll20, FantasyGrounds, and LFG Reddit without any success. Lots of spots of course for D&D but not interested in “super hero, kill, loot, repeat” - nothing wrong with it, just not what I want to play. Looking to play something “low fantasy” or “science fiction” I have considered setting up my own game as a DM and inviting people to play, but that is a bit of study/preparation/work etc as “new” player - at least for games such as those mentioned above.

Really took another look earlier tonight at ICRPG and found this site, joined, and going to purchase the Core Book (Hard Cover & PDF) later today via drivethrurpg. Its hard to ignore how easy this game appears to be, especially the way it allows my creative juices to flow by just grabbing a small stack of random cards and putting together an adventure. I also believe ICRPG would provide an easy on ramp to get family members, friends, and new players - that to my knowledge have “never” played a TTRPG.

I wanted to REPLY because I think we will be able to find a group(s) or maybe start our own (?)
I also in EST so that helps too!



I’ve been wanting to learn how to run an online game, so if you’re all willing to deal with technical hiccups while we figure it out, I’m happy to run a session or two with you and anyone else that wants to play!

A one-shot game like Last Flight of the Red Sword, or something like the Heckoon Carapace, make great introductory experiences, and afford plenty of opportunity to learn the system in a fun way.

I’m also in EST time (Columbus, Ohio). Evenings are generally better for me, but I’m pretty flexible at the moment.


@Ryyus, I’m with you the creativity it inspires and ease of the game for a D20 based system really grabbed me. I’m looking forward to introducing my daughter to it, she’s a big Dungeon World fan.

@skippy if you are up for running, I am game. I’ve used Roll20 as both a player and GM. I’m no expert, but I can help out a bit with it. Haven’t used Fantasy Grounds in years.

In any case, I hope we can get something going.


I’ve been looking to dip my feet into online play too. Depending on the time and date, I’d be interested in joining, if you’d have me. I’m in MST(Salt Lake City, Utah).


Sounds great! :grin: and looks like we already have a couple other Shield Wall members wanting to grab their dice, board & sword and journey with us… @rudedd @KaneDriscol :eyes:

(…sounding like a giddy kid (yay!) I have to give you’all a Hat Tip / Salute - the group of people here, the amount of information available (how many hours to read it all :thinking:), the interaction of members etc just blows me away! No matter where my future rolls may take me on this journey, powered by ICRPG, even if I never play a game, the atmosphere of this living, breathing, welcoming community here is worth more than the purchase of the game. Frankly, there are few “other” RPG communities that would benefit from exposure to this aggregation of talent. I believe in “Paying It Forward” and it looks like I have found a perfect avenue. Together we can accomplish much :+1:)

ok, enough, before anyone gets a cavity from all my banter …hehehe



@Ryyus, well said. I’ve posted in other game venues before and gotten crickets. Here my first post has garnered multiple replies and possible games. I am glad to join the ranks of the Shield Wall.


@Ryyus, @skippy, @rudedd, @KaneDriscol, if you guys will have me, I’ll run a game. Send me a DM and we. an schedule something… i am free this weekend so we can talk schedule and have a session zero… Game On!


EZ beat me to it! Lol.

Welcome to the shield wall, and hit me up if you guys need anything.


@Alex, You are always welcome to play or run any of my games…


I’ve started up a Warp Shell game where all the sessions are one-shot missions. I’m setting it up so players can sign up to play a game whenever they can. I’m running with Roll20 and Discord for audio and the sessions are no more than 2 1/2 - 3 hours long a couple times a month. I’m just outside of Detroit (MI) so that’s EST. No pressure, just send me a DM if you’re interested.

Also, if you need another player let me know, I might be ale to drop in time permitting. I do have some but not a ton of experience with Roll20 so I could at least help out.


Wow, again the community here is awesome. Thanks to @Ezzerharden, @Alex and @rpgerminator. I am definitely interested and am open for a Session Zero this weekend (my gaming convention was cancelled). I haven’t read up on the Warp Shell section yet, but the one shot approach sounds great, I’m definitely interested. I’ll DM you both.


Welcome to the Shield Wall! I don’t have any online games going, but I’m just glad you’re here. :slight_smile:


A big thanks to @Ezzerharden for running a great Bearcats one-shot last night. Awesome players @KaneDriscol and @skippy and DM made for a fun tension filled rescue mission, Go Bearcats… Definitely impressed with the system both from a genre flexibility and streamlined standpoint. I’m sold. I’m looking forward to more, much more.