New minis perfect for Blood and Snow



Beasts of War. Scroll down to see the minis

These look perfect for Blood and Snow! Khurusan also has some cool cave-people, but they are very B-movie-ish. I’m hoping Mark Copplestone hears my plea and makes some ice age female models as well. Happy gaming!

Edit: These are a. 15mm and b. from Britain, so they’re small and possibly about to be caught up in a trade…malestrom. Things to keep in mind.


They’re very small at 15mm, so for people used to 28mm, heads up!


They just added Pict characters. These are REH picts, not historical Picts; read “fantasy Neanderthals” They look amazing! And yes, 15 mm.
LInky link

While I’m at it, Splintered Light has a lot of cool minis that would fit with this setting, and Khurusan has ice-age creatures and monster-movie cave men.


Those look really cool, thanks for the link!