New Milestone idea



I have been playing an idea. I got this idea from playing Cortex Prime. What I was thinking about is after you have had a weapon. For a milestone if you choose you could add a dice to your roll / pool on the side of when you roll for Attempt or Effect. The dice will start out as a D4. Then as you get more milestones you can choose instead of choosing other milestones. You can bump up the dice to the next level a D6. The key thing to know is that dice only connected to that gear only. So, if that weapon or gear is loss or broken you lose that Dice. Important note this dice is not affected by if its roles a 1 or effect your roll if you other dice rolls a 1. Those rules still apply.


Are you talking about upgrading the effort die from a piece of loot, a bit à-là League Of Legends when you upgrade an ability?

For example, using X piece of loot deals Basic D4 Effort until you upgrade it to Tool D6 Effort?


I think it’s more like WEAPON-damage plus an additional dice starting at d4. So you’d roll d6+d4 and would have the possibility of upgrading the second dice to d6, d8, d12 etc. Did I get it right, @TYMONGER?


Example: you are going to hit a monster with your milestone effected dice Axe (roll D20) you hit. How you decide to see the effect of you hit. You still roll D6 but you also roll a your milestone D4 on top of D6 you would roll. So you add D6, any points you have in weapons effect, plus the milestone dice. does that make since now?


yes your right. it plus damage or you could use it plus to hit.


Could be cool: some loot could have a pool while others could only have a single die for balance, what do you think?


My thoughts now is if it is too OP one shot kill a monster could be too OP.


Frankly? Doesn’t matter: just give monsters more Hearts! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: