New Hero path: The Wolfkind


You are a dangerous predator in the world of bipeds. Your rage and hunger drives you. You’ve seen the dawn of soft bipeds. And you will watch them go down. Time to hunt!

My first class for this amazing system! Any feedback?


I like it! However, I am curious as to why you made it a Hero Path instead of a Species. No judgement, genuinely curious. Thanks for sharing!


I’d think so that any Heritage can be infected with a condition that rhymes with “There-wolf-ism”.


Behind this is the idea of ​​race as a class from osr. To preserve the uniqueness and rarity of the non-human race for a human-centric setting. There are many humans and they can be anyone, and the Wolfkin is rare and archetypal.

In addition, I think it’s worth changing that the Hunter’s prey works only in melee and once a day, not once per combat


I think it’s overpowered.


I like this write-up and the default of race-as-class. Like DCC, I think that I’ll introduce nonhuman heritages in exactly this fashion, so that they feel more unique. Well done!