New Guy looking for online group


Hi All,

Extremely new player hoping to find a group to learn and play with. Never had a chance to play when i was young and recently got the itch. Was searching for single player Table Tops but it either wasn’t what I was looking for or my brain couldn’t wrap around it. Then I stumbled across ICRPG and the kingdoms of Alfheim/Warp Shell. I sooo want to play but then i realized my social circle is a bit lacking in people interested and not a GM so there is that. Anyway if anyone is interested in showing new players the ropes I am available Weekend afternoons from 1-5 (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada). I would love to join a campaign or something. I warn you now, i may have questions but will learn quick. :slight_smile: Sorry for the dorkiness.


Hey Dojari! I don’t think the times align, but in case you’re schedule is flexible, I’m trying to start up an “open table” for Index Card RPG. Sort of a regularly-scheduled-but-no-commitment option to jump into some “Beer and Pretzels” style RPG sessions.

It would be based on the concept of super-quick character creation, high-lethality, and rewarding player cleverness as opposed to character stats, Retainers and hirelings suddenly promoted to PCs to replace the slain…you get the idea. I’d run it in Fantasy Ground’s pretty-darned-great ICRPG module.

Now, I think we’re looking at Thursday’s at 8p ET, which doesn’t at all line up with weekend afternoons, but figured I’d at least let you know. If you ARE interested (or anybody else for that matter!) you can join the discord here:


Thanks, Sounds interesting, unfortunately I wouldn’t be back from work by then, but will keep an eye out in case something changes.


NEVER apologise for dorkiness. The word you need describes an awesome person with a cool hobby they’re not ashamed of. In short. A badass.


Is it possible to still join this game? I’m new to ICRPG and am extremely excited to play. I tried the link but it’s expired.


Join the Discord! If this game fills up there will be others. The more people we have, the more games we can run!