New Foundry ICRPG Master Edition ruleset



EDIT: Official premium module for Foundry is released! You can get it on Runehammer store (not through Foundry itself, though). It’s fantastic. You have to unzip it in your Foundry Data/modules folder.
Guide for installation:

Hi, some time ago I randomly found out there is a new Index Card RPG module for Foundry:

And I know it’s already known within community, but I believe it deserves it’s own thread, mostly because it’s EPICALLY GREAT! It’s developed with Hank’s agreement, so it comes with his online collection of assets - cards, tokens and so on.

  • it looks great, trying to emulate ICRPG visuals from pnp character sheet and materials,
  • there is only necessary amount of automation - and it’s a good thing, the ruleset avoids automation for automation’s sake, but it does the most important thing - adding automatically loot bonuses to the Stats and Efforts based on carrying/equiping it
  • I like the layout and how it organizes information in your character sheet - full description of items, abilities, powers etc. is visible directly in your character sheet, you don’t have to open it first (like for example in Fantasy grounds, where you see only lists and you have to open the item/ability to see the description)
  • Character Sheet contains Resource tab with customizable, well, resources, which I am using for tracking Spellburn, Fury and conditions including Spells with a duration for several rounds
  • because it has great combat tracker, where your custom resources appear and are very easy to edit - this type of combat tracker (and features) was the best part of Fantasy Grounds ruleset and something I was missing on Foundry
  • comes with a sketch tool similar to the one on ICVTT simulating usage of index cards
  • and implements on-top-of-scene Target and customizable Timers
  • and there are some additional features, but I haven’t use them yet :slight_smile:
  • the creator ClipplerBlood (not sure if he’s here and how to tag him) is active, responsive and open to feedback - thanks a lot for your work!

Sorry for sounding like a commercial ad, but I really like Foundry, I really like ICRPG and this ruleset implementation is sort of exactly what I wanted for VTT ICRPG for a long time and haven’t find in other itinerations.

(content in screenshots shows some custom made homebrew stuff I am using)


I saw it last night! Well done to the guy who made it. It is awesome! I can’t praise it enough!
I want to ask in the group is someone has a Hard Suit extension for Foundry? Or if the creator is seeing this, will it be possible?


Hi thanks for the post! Appreciated :smiley:
About the Hard Suit extension, it’s definitely something planned!


That is awesome to hear. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:
I saw I could add a pdf as a Hard Suit sheet, but could not add it to this ruleset, it only worked in the older ruleset since that has the “Sheet” option in the right corner of the character sheet. That is working well for now.


I just released an update which adds a setting to bring back the good old “sheet” button, plus a lot of UI improvements :slight_smile:

Let me know if it works with your Hard Suit pdf sheets!


I stumbled across this as well and really love the look.

Is there a way to get a video tutorial up to walk us through this system in Foundry? Like how to set up a character and a scene and import more assets? I feel like I am missing something.


Not sure if the author is preparing a video, but the system is coming with a text guide with pictures. I think it’s either in Journal section or in the Compendium.


I have it and is super brilliant on that vtt, hope to organize some game soon


I did see that. I am having trouble importing pre drawn index cards. Like the ones from Index Card RPG Vol. 1 - 4


I have just user knowledge, but how are you trying to import them and what’s the behaviour of the error?


Say I want to add a banner. Just the index card to the scene. Ideally I would have a database of all the “Index Cards” that I could just drag and drop onto the scene and scale easily. However, it looks like all I can do is add it as an obstacle with some kind of effort value (heart) and the card snaps to the grid and is very small. Yes I can scale up to a certain value in a setting menu which is clunky.

The actual implementation of the Index Cards (Sketch Tiles) only allows you to sketch in real time. Which is a cool feature if it is needed. But it doesn’t look like I can import images I already have as index cards.

When I do sketch a new index card it looks like it defaults on a transparent background (instead of white) which is not ideal for the index card feel of ICRPG.

What I can do of course is go through Sketch Tiles options, go to other, Import the SVG and add this to my sketch go back to color change background to white click upload and not I have an easily scalable object.

Issues with this:

  • I have to convert every png in the Index Card RPG Volumes to SVG. (Not a big problem, one time thing.)
  • I would have to perfectly plan out everything by bringing in all the cards through this current clunky import system (very time consuming, cannot add things easily when player pivot.)
  • Every time I do this I would end up with duplicates of cards I had already imported from another module for example.
  • I am unable to have a database of cards I can just drag and drop in (For example like what you would have if you made an actor list)


I can’t seem to find this sheet button. It would be cool to see how to add Hard Suit PDF sheets to the SYSTEM GUIDE.

I am loving the module look and feel. It is amazing. Just wish there were some changes for Index Cards above. Keep up the amazing work and thanks!


I believe the premade Index Cards files are supposed to be inserted as Tile - default function of Foundry. I think Sketch Tiles module is basically just a drawing tool.

EDIT: From the pop up window where you browse premade Index cards just drag and drop them on the scene and you can resize them freely (though they are easily distorted).


This is exactly what I was looking for thanks so much. With this function It should be easy to get the resources I need!

If you hold the ALT key while resizing you maintain the aspect ratio which is super helpful.


I didnt know about the ALT feature to keep the ratio! Thanks for the exchange of tips :smiley:


Any chance we could get a dark theme option? Black text on large white backgrounds (while it looks cool) gives me a headache after awhile.

Alternatively, is there some way I could edit those colors? I downloaded the Custom CSS module but I’m pretty lost as to how to use it.


Well adding a dark theme is no easy task… It’s not a simple “invert colors” type of job. Though if someone has some prototypes (in photoshop or something) for it, it would be a great starting point!
I feel ya about white backgrounds, in fact I use f.lux to lessen the eye strain especially after sunset. Would a filter for turning the bg a bit more “sepia” be ok in the meanwhile?


Would it be hard work to have a sepia filter to be turned on enough at will?

I quite like the idea of using sunbleached cards as opposed to fresh white.

What you have achieved here is amazing! Thank you for all the effort that has gone into this pack


Yeah, I should probably just turn on f.lux filter for myself, rather than try to demand that you do more work! I thought it would be simple, but my friend and I were messing with colors just using developer tools, and there’s a lot of elements to it. Thank you for your work, about to run my first game in Foundry tonight!


I do have one other question: is there a way I can modify the toolbar macros to roll directly from a player’s assigned actor/character, rather than a selected token? I’m going to be running theater of the mind for a lot of encounters.

If not, that’s totally cool, I’ll just put out their tokens on a scene. Thanks!