New Dnd kids books?


So, this looks interesting. I’m kinda thinking it could be a cool to use with ICRPG or even just for inspiring adventures, npcs, or awesome magical items for your games.

And the look to be the same size as the index rpg books.


Thanks! These might be the first D&D books I will buy. The page layout is really nice as well, actually just about as much information you need to run it using ICRPG:

Pages taken from the Amazon Preview

I am envisioning reading these with my 5 year old under the bed sheet with a torch.


the books seem to have a Very nice style


Thanks for sharing! With my son just getting into the hobby these will be perfect.


I pre-ordered all of them. :metal::crazy_face:

I just got the first two yesterday And they really are fine pieces of work.
They are all flavor with no stats or mechanics to get in the way of your imagination and creativity.

I can absolutely see the benefit of handing one of these books to a player and watching their brain ignite with character ideas or opening the book up to a monster and saying, “during your research you discover these things about the creature from several different manuscripts.” Then watching the players study and strategize over it.