Need to "beat" or "meet or beat" the target/armor number?



Hi all! Long-term GM here, but new to ICRPG. I’m totally psyched about it and currently prepping for my first session :smiley:

I’ve been googling the web & searching this forum for a long time already, but didn’t come across a clear answer to the following question:

When attempting to succeed a check/attempt, does one need to beat (>) or merely meet or beat (>=) the room’s TARGET (as a player) or the player’s Armor (as an enemy)?

The rules don’t seem to agree about this:

  • Quickstart Rules

    • TARGET: try to get a higher total : (beat it)
    • Armor: enemies will have a harder time hitting you (unclear)
  • Core 2E Rules

    • TARGET: try to get an equal or higher total (meet or beat it)
    • Armor: they have to roll higher than my Armor (beat it)

I’m confused now…

Thanks for clearing this one up for me! :slight_smile:


It’s meet or beat. Always.

Core 2e fixes the “beat the target” language from the QuickStart. Pages 6, 12, 13, 14, 21, 45, and 46 make it fairly clear. If you still see any vestiges of “beat the target” without the “meet” language (some monster descriptions), just know that’s colloquial language for “meet or beat.”

Or another way: a tie favors the attacker when rolling against the target or armor.


Very clear answer! Thanks!