Mystic or Four against Darkness


Any one used these with ICRPG? I like the idea of running a solo adventure before I run my son and his friends through. KZ


These? What are you talking about? Could we have a link, please? I’m curious! :smiley:


Trials (Page 48 to 49 of Core2e) are Perfectly suited for this, unless you really want to churn through an entire Adventure conversion.

The best way to get your brain around Index Card RPG is by playing Index Card RPG!


Oh sorry!

I have been playing Four Against Darkness and really, really enjoy it. I just use room number vs. their AC


That is what I have been doing, sort of before I got Four against Darkness. I want to run solo through Ravenloft with ICRPG rules. I like what FAD does with its tables and ability to make up your own monsters/loot/boos etc.


Ah, I may have misunderstood what you were going for.

I have 4 Against the Great Old Ones myself, and just haven’t made the time to play through it. Could you explain more about how you are playing it with ICRPG rules?

As to the original question, Just from what I’ve already read of 4AGOO, and what I know about ICRPG, Call it could be as easy or complex of a Process as you want. I’d recommend going simple with Threat treat timer and let the details work themselves out in play.


I am not good at this so I’ll try lol. I use ICRPG character sheet. To defeat a monster/boss you have to roll against their level. d6 + level + weapon bonus. I just assign random monsters lower targets (13) middle monsters (14) bosses (18). I was going to make a chart to roll to assign random room targets but its better to assign them I have found. To defend in
FAD I would roll a d6 and add bonus to meet monster’s or boss’ level. Instead I roll a d20 + monster’s bonus against my AC. So if I have a AC of 12 then that is what I am defending.

I use FAD to generate rooms, treasure, search, and special quests, etc.


Whew, yeah that’s a lot of converting!

Given that 4AGOO seems a bit more of a free form choose your own adventure mystery in structure (choosing places to go next to look for clues etc.) whereas 4AD seems designed as more of a improv-tinged solo delve (what’s in that next chamber/beyond that yawning tunnel entrance? Let me roll a bunch of tables and interpret on the fly”), I think I’d just play 4AD for itself with its own rules and enjoy it for what it is.

THEN, if there were any really cool moments that came out of that, I’d convert those encounters into short form ICRPG Trials or Rooms (TTT, DEW) and put them in a loose order for purposes of running it with kids later.

Your mileage may vary. :smiley:


I’m seconding the idea of trials. Check this if you can.

I have The Knight of Destiny (an Arthurian quest for Four Against Darkness) and I was surprised on how easy it converts to trials.

Hope you find what you’re looking for… Happy gaming.


Thank you! Got the copy from Drive Thru will look at it today!