My VTT File Folder Template



Link to Adventure Folder Template Zip

I shared this on the Discord Server after we got talking about our file folder set up for RHVTT. I made an Adventure Folder Template where I organize my adventures and tokens for use on the VTT. Each adventure has its own folder and then subfolders for things like maps, tokens, props, music, notes, players, etc…

During prep, I pull from my main repository of stuff (which is ever-growing) and find all the things that might be useful for the game. This way I can pull 90% of what I need from this smaller folder instead of digging around in the whole collection.

In the event something unexpected comes up, I try to be as familiar as possible with my collection and where things are located, but if it takes me more than 15-20 seconds to find something specific I’ll just grab something that works.

Hope this helps or if you have any tips/tricks about organizing your digital assets I’d love to hear them.


For ease, and because I know not everyone will want to download the zip folder, I do include these really handy labels for RHVTT. The mostly transparent rectangle works really well if you use the standard label and position it over your world map. Helpful to name things on the RHVTT with minimal obstruction. The large map token is for big important labels. If you use the “#” label, the color should change to match the user writing the label.




If you are going to go this way, I suggest that you and anyone else using this method find and install a file manager for your operating system that lets you add tags and possibly description to each file. This way you won’t have to fiddle with files scattered around your computer.

Having a proper folder structure for files is essential, but being able to search files according to tags is unbeatable. Folder structures are limited in this regard because a) you can only search for a file by name, and b) a file usually belongs to multiple categories but can only be physically located under a single folder.

There are system-wide file searching apps as well but they are also limited because they only search by file name.

XYplorer for Windows does this for example.


That’s a really good tip! I hadn’t even considered tagging haha. Now I’m on a mission to find a tagging tool for mac that I like.