My Ultimate Dungeon Terrain!



Love both of these. I did a two sided 1.0 one with an ocean and one with a sandy plant terrterrain for islands. I also use the ocean one for a zoomed out view of the ships.


Just a quick update, here is 2 pictures of the other side of my dungeon terrain for outdoor environments.


Wow! That looks great!

Did you get the flocking to work or is that a different method?


That outdoor terrain looks so awesome! The texture looks spot on and I love the rocky edges, well done!


Agreed, looks fantastic!


that flocking is INCREDIBLE! how?!?


The only thing that is traditional flocking is the very outer ring. Inside of that ring I used a grass mat

The one pictured is not the exact colour or brand I used but it’s close enough to illustrate what it is.

So basically you cut it to shape, glue it down, then seal it just you would flock to stop fibres from shedding.

If I was to do it again I would have taken the grass mat all the way to the edge and then used a dark wash to create the outer ring.

You can see the inner circle that I just dry brushed to be a tiny bit darker but also shifted the tint towards yellow. This is super subtle, and from some angles and lighting I can even see it and I know it’s there. Probably needed just one more dry brush attempt but I’m leaving it as is and calling it done.