My Ultimate Dungeon Terrain!



After my most recent purchase of the Vigilante City, I was motivated to build out an Ultimate Dungeon Terrain over the last few days.

My basement is in crafting mode after I ransacked my wives supplies, but it has been a lot of fun!

The only thing now is to decide is whether to go out into the garage and make some simple set pieces out of scrap wood or to make another version because I only just saw the 2.0 version of Ultimate Dungeon Terrain by DungeonCraft this morning and that very much fits ICRPG…

Decisions, decisions…


I used both in my last session. Worked like a charm


I built one almost immediately after watching the first UDT vid. I love the lazy Suzane and use it even with my giant rectangle boards. It changes the game.

UDT 2 is coming to my table soon.


2 seems like the right number, but replaceable tops might be preferable. Haven’t figured the best way yet. But it’s stewing in the brain pan. Sometimes a green felt top, other times stone.

If tops are rigid, other terrain can be placed them for organization prior to the evening. Hell you can have 4 rooms ready to go with little issue.


WOW! That looks beautiful!


Damn, my man, that looks great! I very much want to build one of these. Crafting ain’t my forte, though… I’m more of a breaker of things.


I’m super tempted to craft one after watching the 2.0 video.


@KaneDriscol Your board looks excellent!

I also got excited after watching some videos and spent the last week making a UDT 2.0, some dungeon stackers, and a little hill mostly to test out flocking.

(Edit: pictures are out of order, but too hard to fix on mobile right now)

The centre ring looks really dark In Those last pictures but in person is very distinct.

I wanted to make the UDT flippable to outdoors. Currently the under side of the UDT is painted brown, I tried applying flock to that side but I kind screwed it up but was able to reactivate the glue and scrap it all off. Might need to go a grass sheet instead.


Thanks! Yours looks amazing! Well done!

I broke down and just started on my 2.0 version while watching some Monty Python haha.


I did his sci-fi UDT, but I’ve been itching to do the 2.0…


That is super sexy. Nicely done.


Outstanding work! I’m more tempted than ever to dive in.


@Dave_Thaumavore I do recommend, as a craft project it was quite fun. Though it did leave me with craft hand for several days.


Disposable latex gloves are a wise investment. Not only in the kitchen but in the craft as well. Take it from the DmChef.


I don’t paint or glue without gloves, they are a lifesaver.

@KaneDriscol Nice ones there! Well done.


I love this so much! I kinda think I want to make one that’s reversible, similar to the ones ol’ Hankerin uses.

Does anyone have a link or guide for how to paint these for other types of terrain? I’m thinking reversible grass/stone would be a good place to start.


I’ve been thinking the same thing. As I’ve been working on my 2.0 version I was thinking about having bricks be in the center and then heavily imprinting the second range with tin foil and then doing a rock pattern on the outer edge.

But if anyone has examples of an outdoor terrain, I would appreciate seeing what others have done.


How’s about Alfheim (stone) on one side and Warp Shell (metal) on the other?


Dungeon craft has a seperate video for UDT SciFi. Also another video for grass and dirt sides

I attempted flock on the reverse side of my udt and messed it up. Thankfully I was able to scrap it off easily.

You can buy grass Mats and I’m thinking that might be better for this use case.


It is by no means a masterpiece but I’m happy with the results. After a week of crafting I now have a homemade lazy Susan, an Ultimate Dungeon Terrain 1.0, and a double sided 2.0 version.