My solo ICRPG set up



Hey everyone!
I wanted to share my own solo ICRPG set-up. Having never played (or even thought to play) an RPG solo, I thought that one of my favorite systems [ICRPG] would be the perfect jumping off. Admittedly, I only managed to play for three hours so far but I think my system is really working well. However, I haven’t encountered any combat so I intend to report back when that happens.

Pictured above is how I have my set up organized.

So this is everything! In the left box are 27 Rory’s story cubes, the original 3 sets. I’m hoping to cop the Fantasia set soon too as well. Everytime I want something unknown in the game, I randomly select 3 and roll them. I then arrange them in the order I think makes the most sense for the current situation.

I got the idea from the fantastically helpful

I also have my bullet journal and a good pen, as well as the character sheet and a set of RPG dice. I also have a set of DIY fudge dice which I use when ever I need to answer a yes/no question. I use this chart:

And below are a couple of pages from my notebook:

I intend to utilize the excellent Index cards as well when I get the time to print them out.

I would be happy to answer any questions y’all have.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Great modifications to the game.

One obvious question: Do you play solo because you don’t have any friends interested in playing with you online or offline, or do you do that because you like it that way?


I love this. Very inspiring!


I love how you are using the Fate dice! I will borrow that as needed for my Solo RPGing!


Both! Nowadays, especially with school going on with full steam, I lack the energy to drive over and spend long hours playing. I’ve come to like the modular nature of Solo RPGing, and that I can chip away at the narrative whenever I feel like without having to commit too fully.



Aw thanks! All credit goes to the one and only Uncle Reverend Bastard!