My September Adventure Write-Up



I have really appreciated the call-to-actions discussed lately and it has motivated me to answer the call by creating an adventure write up, using CORE ICRPG methods, and share my progress in this thread. By the end of September, my goal is to have a complete adventure that anyone can use. It may not end up being the best adventure out there, BUT I’m going to do it anyway!

For starters, I had my wife draw out 9 Cards and place them in any order she wanted. I then laid them out in the classic Story Architecture (shown above).

This layout gave me some ideas right off the bat, but the dynamite at the end… that’s going to be interesting…


Alright. A day of thinking and I believe I have the basic premise.

While drinking the night away after their latest quest, the party notices their favorite brand of gar tastes funny. They order a fresh bottle, but it still tastes funny. Upon inquiry, the party is informed that while they were away, the local brewer was bought up by some out of town hoity-toity and the gar hasn’t been the same since!

Can the heroes help their friend, the brewer, reclaim his business and restore their favorite gar? Also, what has this out-of-town merchant done that has made the gar taste so weird?


Looking at those cards, your opener certainly starts building a story a against the cards!

It is funny that you went to the cards while I drew my own cards; we are both on a similar track of exploration. I think that’s cool.



I’ve got a one-page write up of the adventure overview, but man, is it hard to squeeze everything into a single page. I feel like I’m missing tons of details and mechanics, and yet at the same time, not sure if I should include those things. Should I just assume that people can incorporate the ICRPG mechanics and leave this as a guideline?

This is not the finished adventure write-up. Just the GM Bullets and Moments section. I’m intending to include additional pages as I follow the ICRPG Adventure template.

So what do you think? Feedback is always appreciated :smiley:


Overall: I like.
Criticisms: No times-new-roman (or whatever font it is), oh my eyes!
Maybe some interesting mechanics? Like the characters keep drinking? or have to roll to resist (maybe the worm eggs have an addictive chemical)… Then drunk tokens, and a table for how drunk they are!


I LOVE it! If I could make any suggestions – > it would be to ignore any self-made restrictions. 1-page is the OSR fad and we are ICPRG. 5 page minimum :slight_smile:

I would add references to which cards you used in the header maybe of each ‘scene’ so others can do the same if they want to use those at their table. I think the PDFs for those have an index with the page number and specific name of the card but can’t remember for sure.

Assume anyone who touches this knows the rules; add a ‘requires ICRPG core rules to play’ on the front end of the final doc. If necessary, call out the specific rule but not what it actually does. EXAMPLE: ‘After drinking, apply the effects of spell burn per page x in Core 2e.’

If it is a new result of your own design, write it out as an add-on.

I’m re-reading the adventures in Core to get a better feel for the Adventure PDF outline. I feel like your write-up is dead on with that lay-out but you need to go beyond 1-page while also keeping it tight on the word count (which you currently are already doing).

Super cool! It really needs a GAR effects chart – > Willy Wonka magical lifting drink?


Thank you @Ardon!

Sorry for the font (using Cardo). It has always been easier for me to read a serif-font vs a non-serif, but I’ll start looking for some alternatives.

Interesting mechanics, you say… Hmm… I shall ponder.


Thanks @BigGrump! Any suggestions are always allowed.

Oh good! I have also been reading up on the CORE adventure and trying to follow along. I think giving myself a few more pages will make it easier for me to include all the stuff I feel I’m missing.

Thank you for giving me an example on how to reference a rule. All that legal stuff scares me haha.

I think you and Ardon are spot on with needing some interesting Gar mechanics. I’ll start toying with it right away!


Very interesting adventure. I really like how you used the cards, particularly the drinks and the worm, to build the skeleton of the adventure. I know I am very intrigued with what you are creating and look forward to seeing it when you are done.


Rough draft of mechanics page

Evil Snail Monster, just in case someone rolls it on the Tainted Gar Effects

Rough draft of a basic guard

Rough draft of a Queen Worm

Rough draft for the conclusion

Alright, so I’ve flushed out a few more things. Art is still to come and I consider everything still in draft.


Evil snail looks tough AF. Would not want to run into him in a dimly lit garden.

And I’m liking this latest version over the one page. Nice work!