My Inktober Challenge 2019 - One Cursed Loot Per Day!



Hey man, more power to you. im glad you are trying this out. i can really tell you will get super high quality work from doing it that way. once you get used to multiple layers and doing stuff completely over photoshop it gets a lot easier. my over all work time has becomes so much smaller on projects now since i adopted a completely digital art process. that doesnt mean i dont still sketch on paper to get the base idea of stuff, in fact i still do that all the time. but now i just import the picture of my sketch as a seperate layer, cut the transparency in half, and do the final drawing in a new layer on top of it. i hope you stick with it man, this stuff looks great!


9: Turtle Shield 10.27.19

Playing catchup yet again. I had zero time for creative endeavors on Sunday, I spent the day tearing down our old moldy shed. Unfortunately, I hurt my hand in the process so it has made inking a bit challenging.

13: Ring of Tears 10.28.19

Emerald gems over a silver band.


Finish strong man! You have almost done it!!! :grinning:


I totally hear you here! After having to clean up my ink drawings by hand I have a huge appreciation for working digitally. I guess it like anything, the more you practice the more efficient you get. It is clear that have to move in the direction of going fully digital because it only makes sense for the kinds of projects I want to do. My next challenge will be full digital, though I am not sure exactly what it will be yet.


Thanks dude, I need the encouragement!


94: Blade of Azatoth 10.29.19

A bit of catch up from yesterday, todays drawing to come shortly…


30: Tentacle Glove 10.30.19


Have you heard of Card Forge? Someone who looks at this forum has - there is already a card for your Helm of Toads posted there.

After setting them up there, They can be downloaded and imported into here for a professional look (they have regular card and index card sizes):

As far as Game Crafter goes, you can even make a cool box to put the cards in. Just a few ideas for you.


@DrunkMosquitos Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate that! Yes, I have heard of card forge, it’s super cool! I was actually the one who put the Helm of Toads card in as a mockup (the information is completely wrong though). Unfortunately, you are not able to select cursed loot as the loot type when you build the card, I am not sure why this is. Perhaps there is some way to modify it, I am not sure of this. Perhaps I can make my own card templates for card forage? I need to look into it more.

The Game Crafter has been in the back of my mind as an option. I think it would be really nice to offer an actual deck of cards. I have considered Drive Through RPG as a way to provide a printable PDF but I am not sure if that would be the best route.

EDIT: A question I have about using The Game Crafter with the loot cards from Cardforge is the matter of copyright infringement. It seems to me that printing cards with loot descriptions that are from ICRPG and charging people for the decks would not be a good idea. My initial thought would be to make cards with no descriptions to be safe, but then that seems a little weird too. Any thoughts on this?

One more drawing to go today and the challenge will be complete! I am considering perhaps only offering the best of the challenge (say maybe the top 20) as I know some of the drawings are weak. Or should I just offer all of them? What do you guys think?


If you created the cards, the files could be given to Hank to sell. Maybe get them added to the file for purchasing the CORE book and the files can be printed on card stock or the individual could purchase a set from Game Crafter.

You can buy a single deck of cards from them, which is what I have contemplated for handing out look cards. I can’t cut straight and I hate that the cards I make myself aren’t all the exact same size and shape.

Edit: Nevermind, I forgot that if you create a card on there, it becomes available for whomever wants it. Like @Alex said, that is a problem with copyright of material. To bad i didn’t think about this a few weeks ago when Humble Bundle had a deal for making trading cards


100: Key of the Ogdru 10.31.19

I chose this one instead of rolling because I thought it would be a good way to end the challenge. The gemstone floats magically in place and vibrates slightly.

And so it ends!

I have learned a great deal by doing this challenge and really feel like this has jumpstarted my art. I have plans to continue in the fully digital realm as well as ink and pencil. I will be rolling out the finished product in the form of cards when I figure out the details.

A big thank you to everyone who followed along with this project, your interest and encouragement has meant a great deal to me as I have worked through it!


Thank you very much for sharing your art and having fun with us! :smiley:


You are most welcome! I look forward to getting more out for the community in the future now that I have my hand in illustrating again.


Thank you for sharing your art with us, this is great.


You’re most welcome, thanks for checking out this project!