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Greetings to the Shield Wall!

After entering the Ultimate Showdown Encounter Throwdown & seeing the call out for available cool homebrew ICRPG content, I thought it was time I joined in and showed what I’ve done with my home campaign that’s been going for well over a a year now. Over series of posts I’ll show what I’ve done to make this game enjoyable for my players and maybe you’ll steal some of these ideas as well. Its all about community after all.

I’m starting off with Status effects. A few of my players kept on wanting to do more crowd control against me, so I wrote this up. Of course I use it against them whenever I get the chance (Confused healer rolling a 6 & targeting the Boss is always hilarious, well I think it is).

Homebrew ICRPG hacks

I’ll be adding some of the Milestones, Progressive Milestones, Loot, crazy rules and if I have time, even the character classes that some of the players built.

Targ8practice (aka Michael)


these are pretty nice, i hope you dont mind if I use some to grow my ever expanding list of status effects


Go for it, dare I ask how may you have on your list?


I only have 23 so far, your List adds like 5 more to it. We have some slight overlap :smile:



Good stuff, keep sharing, I’d love to see more!


They look great it makes me want to sort out a list of homebrew character perks that can be used as augments in a fantasy setting like Elfheim.


I also have a list of status effects I use both good and bad, mostly inspired by JRPGs like Final Fantasy


  • Absorb [Element] - Damage from a specific element heals HP, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Blink - You are Hard to hit, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Float - You levitate above ground. Earth magic does not hit you. Wind magic does 2x damage, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Fly - You are flying and can not be reached by melee attacks or Earth Magic, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Haste - You have one additional Action, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Invisible - You can not be seen with eyes alone. Hard to spot, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Invincible - You do not take damage but Status Effects remain, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Reflect - Spells cast upon you are turned back at the caster for half damage
  • Regen - Get a free successful Recovery on your turn, WOUND counters effect
  • Resist [Element] - Halves damage taken from a specific element, WEAK counters effect
  • Immune [to Element] - Negates damage taken from a specific element
  • Protect - Physical and non-spell elemental damage is halved
  • Shell - Damage from spells are halved


  • Aged - All checks are Hard
  • Berserk - Only takes action to Attack in melee and does Double damage, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Blind - You are blinded and roll Hard on Actions involving sight, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Charm - You obey the commands of the one who charmed you, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Confusion - Roll a 1d4; 1.Attack Ally 2.Drop one Equipped Loot 3. Do nothing 4. Attack Enemy, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Death - Timer 1d4. Each Move/Action counts the Timer down. 0 HP and Dying when time is out, revive can counter effect.
  • Dying - See Core Rules
  • Exhaustion - ALL ATTEMPTS are HARD can not be counter except with rest and gain SLOW
  • Freeze - Unable to move or take action. Fire heals this status. Physical attacks do 2x damage
  • Fear - On each turn move directly away from the subject that invoked the fear status. If unable to move, gain Berserk. Effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Mana Sickness - All casting actions are HARD, this can not be circumvented. You are unable to draft mana and must rest a number of days equal to the number of Stars in your personal constellation to end your Mana Sickness.
  • Paralysis - You are unable to Move or take Action, effect last for 1 turn unless otherwise noted
  • Petrify - You are turned to stone, counts as dead until cured, after cured you turn back to normal
  • Poison - 1d4 Poison damage the first turn, 1d6 the second and stops at 1d8 the third turn
  • Prone - You have landed flat on the ground all ATTEMPTS are HARD, reduce DEFENCE by 4, use action to cancel effect, use move with STR/DEX ATTEMPT to end effect; failure results in attack from adjacent enemy.
  • Silence - You can not speak or cast any magic spells, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Sleep - Can not Act or Move until until a successful CON check harmed or cured
  • Slow - Limited to either a single Move OR single Action, HASTE counters this effect
  • Stop - Can not Move or take Action, Timers affecting only you like Regen or Death are paused, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Stun - Lose your next turn
  • Toad - Max 5HP, ALL EFFORT capped at 1, drop all Equipped and Carried gear, effect last for 1d4 turns unless otherwise noted
  • Weak [to Element] -That element does 2x damage, RESIST counters this effect
  • Wound # - each turn lose number of hp equal to number listed, any RECOVERY ends this effect


This is my current list of status effects that I use in my games. thought id share too

Abandonment:Those afflicted will suffer Fear when straying too far from party members.

Berserk: Roll twice on Efforts, but attack the the target closest to you

Bleeding: 1D4 Damage for 1D4 rounds unless character makes a successful recovery roll (CON) or healing occurs.

Blind: roll HARD when requiring sight, afflicted cannot see their surroundings even if lit

Charm: Victim attacks acts for the one who charmed them. Can be resisted with a Wis roll effects last according to the users CHA

Concussion: afflicted suffers severe head trauma. Becomes unable to act and takes 1d4 additional damage from attacks until relieved or a successful CON roll

Confusion: Attacks both enemies and allies indiscriminately and uncontrollably.

Death: Lose 1 health each turn,this number increases by 1 each turn,The afflicted doesn’t take damage from any sources while inflicted,lasts until cured or hp hits zero

Debrave: reduces the afflicted’s Weapon Damage by half round down for 1d4 rounds

Defaith: reduces the afflicted’s Magic Effort/Damage by half rounded down for 1d4 rounds

Deprotect: reduces the afflicted’s Armor by half rounded down for 1d4 rounds

Disable: prevents afflicted from using one item/feature/magic they’ve previously used

Disease: afflicted cannot not be healed until disease has been cured

Doom:those afflicted while in combat have (GM’s Choice) rounds to run from/end combat,if afflicted remains in combat when timer hits 0 they instantly die and cannot be revived. Afflicted killed before countdown hits 0 can be revived

Fear: afflicted is very scared of the source, has either -3 on rolls against the target or when taking actions in the Fear state

Muddle: afflicted cannot use any items until cured

Paralyzed: afflicted cannot take any actions or movements until cured,+3 to rolls targeting the afflicted. Afflicted can make CON saves each turn to resist/break free from the Paralisis

Petrified: A target is transformed, along with any non-magical object it is wearing or carrying, into a solid inanimate substance (usually stone). Its weight increases by x10 and it ceases aging.

The afflicted can’t move or speak, and is aware of its surroundings.+3 to rolls targeting the afflicted, the afflicted takes 1 damage from any damage sources

The creature is immune to ailments, although ailments already in its system are just suspended, not neutralized.

Poison: afflicted must roll a CON save on their turn,if they Succeed the poison doesn’t have any effect, If failed poison deals 1d4 damage,this persists until a successful CON save

Prey: A target is marked, marked targets are guaranteed to be the focus of and hit by a specified attack from a strong enemy. In some cases the mark can be passed along to another through touch.

Savior Complex: Whenever you see an injury in sight, no matter how small, you use your current strongest healing ability until you have no resources left to heal with. Allies must make a CON roll to hide injuries from you

Stunned: When a player gets stunned they are dropped to the bottom of the initiative

Unbalanced: Moving further than CLOSE requires a successful DEX, use your action to move on a failure


I would do bleeding as 1hp per turn at the start that way its not as severe but make it so it stacks if you give a creature an attack that causes bleed, paralyzed could be simplified to attackers attacks are easy against you but the first part sounds great, i would make poison just like bleed to 1hp per turn but makes all your attempts hard, fear could be simplified just to all attacks against source of fear are hard. everything else reads easy to me.

from what little I’ve done of the game so far less words is always best

with your permission id love to add these conditions to my GM toolbox


bro totally use these. I appreciate that feed back. I think Ill definitely change the bleed.


glad my feedback helped, I’m seriously a greenhorn to ICRPG lol.


Loving the discussion about status effects, keep an eye out for my next post about Progressive Milestones & ststus effects


Looking forward to it, I was contemplating making list of skills but don’t even know where to begin


I think there’s been some discussion before about using Skills as TAGS on a post somewhere in the forums. All the skills would be doing would be making an Attempt or check EASY. I’m sure it could get a whole lot more complicated than that though but the mantra of ICRPG seems to be K.I.S.S. for fast easy gameplay.