My Homebrew ICRPG Hacks #2



I’m back again everyone!

Keeping things moving along here with another post about some of the hacks I’ve come up with to use in my ICRPG campaign.

Progressive Milestones and Status Effects

I’ve got a feeling that progressive Milestones are not a new idea and I’m sure I’ve seen it mentioned in another product/post somewhere, so if anyone wants to add that to this post so I can credit them properly that would be great.

Not sure what to do my next post on, more than likely one of the characters in my campaign that is where most of my inspiration for creating these hacks is coming from



The progressive status effects remind me of diseases in Starfinder. I just saw them in an actual play and they are nasty.

My problem with status effects (even more so with progressive ones, I guess) is that it’s so hard to remember and track them in the heat of the moment, and my (inexperienced) players don’t remember them at all. If I’m going to use status effects, I think I will always try to represent them by a physical object I can put on the table, like a colored card that also has the rules for the effect printed on it.


Concur. I prefer keeping the broad categories and having a physical marker on the table somehow.

Lose Turn
Damage Over Time
All Rolls HARD
Drop Gear

That type of thing. The flavor can all be different but I think the main categories should encompass most of what I want to do.


This is awesome. Could be a d4 roll table for fumble effects as well. Plenty of room to get specific if you want, but each category is different and nasty.

Definitely gonna try and implement it in my games!