My Go To for names and places etc. Maze Rats


I have never played the RPG but Maze Rats is an excellent resource. This tiny booklet is chalk full of rolling tables. Including magic, weapons, monsters & animal traits-abilities-tactics-personality-weakness. NPC or PC names galore names and surnames upper-class and lower class, assets-goals-misfortunes-liabilities-missions-method-apperances-clothing-personality-mannerisms-secrets-reputaions-hobbies-relationships-more. Treasure, Equipment, details for a city, the wild, and dungeons.

So fun to look through! So many things, so many ideas. Oh and it’s $3.00

Check it out. It is totally worth it.


This is nice and its cheap! Check out Tome of Adventure Design if you can. Its a bit more spendy at $21, but I think you’ll find it an AMAZING resource.

I’ve also recently stumbled on Ironsworn. Its designed as a solo rpg. I havent played it myself yet (pdf and assets are free) but what is more pertinent here is some of the stuff created for it. Specifically check out these “oracle” tables -

THAT should be a fantastic addition with only minor tweaks.


It’s a very, very solid resource. I use it often.


Cool, available on drive thru I hope.


Not sure if it is on Drivethru. In the details of the YouTube video is a link.


Yep. And it can be printed out as a booklet. It’s great.


I just checked and it is on Drivethru. Same price and you can see a couple of sample pages.