My Gamemasters Trolley



Hey guys, here is my latest video! I like giving my fellow lumpy heads access a day early.

I have a cheap rolling cart that I keep all of my gaming stuff so it’s extremely fast and easy to set up and take down my game when we have a session!

As always I appreciate any feedback!

Rock On, Fellow Gamers! :metal:


Great job Matt. Tips I could offer… keep an eye on your lighting. At the start you have a big ol’ light shining from off your shoulder direct to the camera and at the table, you have the bright window behind you. You want to always have your face facing the light so you stand out and we don’t find ourselves looking at the light behind you always as a distraction. Next, when at the table and speaking… dial the sound down on your back track even more. It’s currently still a bit too loud. We want to hear you and the information more than the music at this point in the video. That aside… doing great so far. I liked the vid.


Thanks for the feed back brother. I’ll make sure to drop my audio levels down a little more for Ya.


I like it. I think this is my favorite one of your videos I’ve seen. Keep 'em coming!