My First Zine! - Villot Cards & Encounters



Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I did more than lurk, I’ve been working on an RPG zine to post for Kickstarters ‘Zine Quest’. It’s been a long time in the making! This forum and Runehammer have really helped encourage me to push it to completion.

I would love to hear your guy’s feedback as well as any tips for zine creation.

Here’s a link to a sampler of it:

The goal is to raise funds for an artist, so if you are one of this forum’s artists and might be interested in a business partnership, drop a line.


Very interesting… Also I kinda like the art you used as place holders.

It kinda reminds me of what you’d actually see on a dry erase battle map when DMing on the fly… Which is how I DM most of the time.


Thanks! Originally my plan was to try and do it myself but I’m not confident I have the skill to make all of the artwork necessary in a reasonable time.

I never really thought about the style that way. I was definetly going for an ICRPG feel but it does seem I hit more of the Expo marker vibe rather then the sharpie vibe.


Those are super cool! Well done!


Thanks! Glad you liked them.

Here’s a preview of another card,

“Fungled Almshouse”

As you approach the lumpy and misshaped building your party realizes it appears to be an almshouse. A stark contrast of where the native wildlife grows and the fungi spreading from the building exists is easily noticed from far away. While approaching the building a sickly sweet smell fills the air.

The Kickstarter is live, it should be easy to find if you are curious.

It feels weird to share the link here.


Another day, another sample of a location!

Obligatory Sign Post

As you approach the clearing, you notice a tall signpost in the middle. It is covered in wooden placards pointing in all directions. Many of the wooden placards have been covered up by new ones, while others have multiples hanging from one extended placard. There are many well-trotted trails, some dirt, some cobble leading from the signpost in various directions. Many fire pits lay around the clearing in between the paths, near them, large metal stakes have been hammered into the ground by travelers for convenience.


Here’s another preview!

Loud Fishery

The bustling fish in all the tanks accumulate to make such a loud noise that this fishery can be heard from far off. An odd sight to see, tanks of water filled with hundreds of fish surround this rather small wooden building. One tank, larger than any other and even larger then the building has stairs leading up to a viewing deck.


This is very cool, just not quite a finished look.

If drawing by hand then tracing on digital perhaps some of the locals might mentor you on accomplishing that. @Khan @KaneDriscol @Chaologic @rpgerminator @Runehammer and others might give you some advice on transitioning if you ask nicely!

This is a great community, ask nicely and you will probably receive some good advice privately in the form of a private message. All that is really asked is you try what they advise, and after an hour or two of frustration you reply with results and how or why it did not work. They might send some videos and reading your way… a week later after you tried and failed… they will have more advice.

It’s about valuing their time really. They might not be using the same software, and advise a change…if you can, and are ok with being taken under their wing, I would take it…if it is a financial stretch for you, explain that, and they might not be able to help directly but have advice in furthering your advance.

You are not too far off, it’s just a question of time and effort.


Thanks for the ping. I almost missed this thread.

As Paxx said, you can ping me any time if you happen to have anything I can help you with.