My DIY Think Deck



So I bought the Think Deck pdf, but instead of printing off Hank’s beautiful cards, I decided to make my own! I got a box to put them in too and drew some custom designs on that as well.
It took me about a week in total to make them and I just wanted to share. Hope you like them!


Awesome work! :smiley:


I love this. Great job.


This is so cool, great job! I have been thinking doing something similar, you have just inspired me to look into this a little further.


Nicely done. Thanks for the inspiration!


That is a thing of beauty


Thank you! If you have any questions on how I went about making the cards let me know!


If I might be a nuisance and ask I’d love to know. It seems black and red sharpie, but I’m not sure of the material…


Not at all! I used Faber Castell Multimark 1525 M markers on 100lb bristol board. I then sleeved them in some card protectors :+1:


That’s an awesome answer that means next to nothing for silly Americans.

Best translation…white 100lb card stock….???
On the pens…no real idea.

I’m usually good about translating paper, but Bristol threw me for a loop.

Artists and pens make it difficult as well….but it seems to be a 1.0mm so sharpie fine tip might be a decent analog…experiment a tad.


Hmm, i tried to google whether card stock and bristol board were the same thing but couldn’t find any clear answers. It’s basically super smooth, heavyweight, and acid free. The smooth surface is great for inking on and 100lbs or 270g/m² refers to the paper’s thickness/weight. I’m sure any sort of thick paper that won’t let the ink bleed will do.
In terms of the inking, i just used normal/semi-decent quality felt tip pens used for art. I haven’t tried using sharpies for my work but I’m sure they’d work.
Hope this clarifies!


:smile: Definitely a good group here.

Bristol is different from cardstock. It has to do with the sizing as well as the manufacturing process. Sharpies probably won’t work as well as better art pens. I do like my Sakura, but I will need to upgrade at some point to Copic. For any more artwork, I’ll probably just stick with my pencils (oddly enough). There are some nice filters inside of Clip Studio Paint if you want to run manga-style drawings. I’ve been using Helix (made in USA) vellum and a light board. Do a sketch, then a master drawing on a separate piece of paper - no more erasing blue lines!

I had my RapidoGraphs out, but they dragged along the paper too much. The also took forever to dry. The pencils seemed to work okay with regards to scans. I have a sample of my artwork on my website, click on the ‘PDF’ text under Sample, all pencil rendered. Some drawings are better than others.

Thank you for the info! I totally forgot about the card sleeves! :upside_down_face: