My character design


Algorithm is an entity composed entirely of mathematical equations. It’s appearance is indescribable ( like non Euclidean geometry).

Algorithm Ancient Entity

Dex +1 Int +4 Magic +3
Armor 12 :heart:
Equipment: Melman’s Guide, Spell Book ( Magic explodes), Roadman’s cloak, power crystal, sword, crossbow
Spells: create acid, attractor, Raven prism


Porcelain the Ancient Entity would go well with Algorithm. Or quite the opposite…


Porcelain?! What have you created?


I love this idea! I just find the non-euclidean bit a little silly for a math-based char. I mean non-euclidean geometry is just geometry in a curved/spheric surface, which is everything around that isnt a wall xD


@Nimlouth Have you read Call of Cthuhulu? Non Euclidean geometry is an alien geometry that does not exist in our world therefore it cannot be described . Viewing it confuses the human brain and can even cause insanity. :sunglasses:


Alien geometry would be a more accurate term given that non Euclidean geometry actually exists. :thinking::nerd_face:


I am in fact a big lovecraft fan, and I know he sometimes used terms without fully grasping the meaning of them, like non-euclidean geometry.

It’s just geometry on a non-plane surface haha so yeah Alien Geometry actually sounds more weird and convincing. Something like watching a hypercube o.O