My campaigns so far: some TPKs, some yet running


Hey guys,

I’ve being doing a couple of campaigns since I started RPGing in early 2019, some of them ended unintentionally. How did yours end? How many sessions are/were you in? Which campaigns are still running?

First Campaign (self-titled “Die Helden des goldenen Anus” / “The Heroes of the Golden Anus”):
My first campaign ended after 45ish sessions with a TPK (because of hybris). We initially started with a homebrew system and moved to ICRPG 2E mid-campaign. For the most time, we played at the real table. The self-title heroes thing was because they bought an abandoned black smith shop and named it “The Golden Anus”.

Second Campaign (untitled):
That one was a successor for the first one, but with some changes in the player group and introducing 3E/ME after a while. It abruptly ended in 15 sessions with another hybris-based TPK. That campaign was a hybrid of table- and online play.

Third Campaign: “Das Schattenreich” / “The Shadow Realm”:
It started as a pure ICME table game and was paused after 10 sessions due to COVID, because we decided not to mix with online play again. You may have seen my GM-game-reflection-thread on the forum :slight_smile:

Fourth Campaign: “The Shadow Beasts”:
During the campaign three, I started a pure online ICME-as-written campaign (in English). It’s 17th session is ahead. I’ve got a good feeling about that, nobody (really) died until now :wink:

Fifth Campaign: “Der Dakaerische Bund” / “The Dakaerian Alliance”:
With a slight delay, I started another pure online ICME campaign (in German). It’s 7th session is ahead, but already three PCs died (one player lost two PCs in a row)… this is a bad omen!

Sixth Campaign: “Das Omega-Projekt” / “The Omega-Project”:
Another online ICME/pseudo Altered State campaign (in German) with my table group, to substitute for our paused table game. This time we went Cyberpunk and got a pretty grindy tone, due to the fact that the group contains two regular players. Session 6 is ahead and things start to unfold.

Let me know about your campaigns? :slight_smile:

/EDIT: I cut one campaign that died before session 1 happened (session zero was fun, but session 1 never happened due to schedule xD )



Damn @glocke.You are busy! :smiley:
I only recently started a Warp Shell-campaign with my D&D-group using ICME and custom made characters. Session 2 will be this saturday, so there’s not that much to tell. I’m trying to do a campaign diary, though.
You can read about it here: Stars in my pocket like grains of sand.


My home game, for which I am gamemaster, played using a hacked mix of ICRPG 2E and ME and set in my version of the 2E Alfheim, just completed its twenty-fifth session since last August, a robust four-hour affair involving a break-in in the big city, a tense chase, and an night ambush in the countryside by a gang of wererat shadows. The party of heroes includes a human “blaster” mage, an elven priest, a dwarven blade, and the obligatory complement of small folk burglars. It was pretty epic.

In the past six months we’ve even had time for a couple of one-shots, including our first-ever Warp Shell battle royale. It was fun mashing up sci-fi character concepts from all of our favorite franchises into one mayhem-filled last-being-standing bloodbath. Warp Shell and ICRPG have the flexibility and extensibility to do that. The robot won.

(I have one other Alfheim game that has been running for even longer that’s on indefinite hiatus; we left it on a cliffhanger with the party on trial for capital crimes following a double-cross and a conspiracy, so I hope we eventually get it to the conclusion it deserves.)

Below is my quick and dirty recipe for a wererat…

WERERAT :black_heart::black_heart: (Two hearts)
+1 STR +2 DEX +1 CON
Shapechanger—Humanoid, giant rat, or hybrid
Multi-attack—2 attacks per turn (melee and (only) one bite)
Attack—Bite (weapon damage, save vs. lycanthropy)
Attack—Short bow (weapon damage)
Attack—Dagger (weapon damage)
Damage Immunity—Nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage except from silvered weapons. (Susceptible to falls)
Sneaky—Stealth rolls are always EASY


I am lucky to have just joined @glocke 's Shadow Beasts, which is the first time I have played live since the 80’s. My other activity has been 5e play by post in that other company’s forum. But I also got some of the people I play with there to let me try running an ICRPG one-shot in my almost-earth fantasy world. We just hit 200 posts, just the start of the 5th scene. Also the first time I have DMed since the 80’s. It is going ok, still working on maintaining the sense of urgency and tension, getting the timers to feel meaningful. These 5e players have not complained about a different system anyway, and I like how they work together.



(previous member of Campaign 4, Shadow Beasts, had to duck out due to scheduling concerns with my new job, but EDRIK lives on)

Glocke runs a clean game. Currently in the process of writing a setting module for ICRPG ME, but no games currently, soon to join a 5e game ran by a friend IRL, so here’s hoping it goes strong