My Art Challenge January 2020 - One VTT Asset Per Day!




1.30.20 Neo-Otyugh (blue)


Bonus: 1.30.20 Neo-Otyugh (orange)

Note: Probably my most favorite monster from D&D (1e), perhaps because it is so weird. This started with a scan of an ink illustration I did in 2016 where I drew a monster from the D&D 1e monster manual every day for a month. Lots of clipping masks on this one.


You are really good at disgusting creatures :wink: Looks great.



1.31.20 Cthulhu Hot Tub

Note: Sore and tired after a hard day of dungeon crawling? The Cthulhu Hot Tub is a perfect way to unwind! I am following tradition of doing a Cthulhu themed illustration as my last entry for this challenge. I was aware while working on this just how much I have picked up in the last month.

I want to thank everyone who has followed along and given ideas, insight, and encouragement! This challenge was INTENSE for me and I have come away with a lot better understanding of how Phototshop works. I feel now that I have rudimentary knowledge of the basics, there is still a ton more to learn and explore. My eye hand coordination relating to my tablet has improved a lot and now I feel way more comfortable using it. Will there be another challenge? Probably, though it may be a while. My goal now is to get a plan going to start producing asset packs and this will likely include setting up a website and looking into future possibilities with Patreon (any advice on these would be most welcome!). Now that I have gathered momentum I am going to keep my illustrating a daily occurrence, I’m excited to see what comes next!

Thanks again for checking out this process my good folks, I hope these assets can be of some use to you!

  • Jeremy


It has been awesome getting to follow along with this! Can’t wait to find some thematic spots to plug in some of your art to our games!


It was very cool and inspirational to follow your work, great idea and such useful pieces too.


! This is amazing - I will be using the snow-related stuff and the flame timers in a VTT run of Viking Death Squad I in a few weeks. Thank you!


You’re most welcome, I’m glad they will be of use to you! Have fun with your game!


Love all of these. You’re getting me itching to start doing art stuff again man! Thanks.