My Art Challenge January 2020 - One VTT Asset Per Day!



its like a sarlacc pit monster, but mixed with a puffer fish, and the leftover skin after a liposuction…disturbing, gross, yet awesome as hell at the same time! really, a fantastic design all around, i absolutely love it. space aberrations are like a train wreck. terrifying, but you can’t look away lol.


Thanks man, glad you like it! I have to admit, I really like drawing weird grody sh_t like this…it makes me laugh.



1.22.20 Brain Machine (day version)


1.22.20 Brain Machine (night version)

Note: I have chipping away at this one for several days, it’s actually a bit complicated. This illustration was definitely a good way to learn clipping masks as it is compartmentalized into a number of different pieces. I decided to do a day and night version for added flavor. I thought this one may be of use to @Wildstar who requested sci-fi machines. It’s bit cartoony but I like that about it.


Friggin love the brain machine! :brain: :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:


This is FANTASTIC @rpgerminator. Filing it away for a very specific use down the road. :slight_smile:


Borrowing that clump of flesh!


Hahaha, YES!!! What a nasty looking tree!


It is the husk of a crucified god exiled from existence by the breaking of Yggdrasil.
The flesh sack is the womb of his vessle which the bad guy needs before he can break the gods spirit out of The Interdimensional Rift.
Classic Final Fantasy



1.23.20 Alien Plant

Note: I wanted to try converting an old ink and color pencil scan into a digital asset to see how well it would turn out. I did have to run some color adjustments but I am generally happy with how this looks. This gives me hope for the future in case I want to work the traditional media again.



1.24.20 Xill Fighter

Note: This ship is held together by the same gravity field technology as the sentinel. The cockpit does not move position but he body of the ship moves around it making it a very maneuverable attack ship.

I’m still very behind but trying to catch up. Hopefully I can knock another one out this evening.


rpgerminator-senseeei :heart_eyes:



1.25.20 Brass Key

Note: Did some concentrated work to try to make an object look metallic, I think I am going to revisit the idea with simpler practice objects. I thought of the original Gauntlet arcade game when making this, I remember the keys that were found being a main focus of the game. I would like to do a whole series with keys at some point…perhaps along with a dedicated loot list.


Cool idea! I’m picturing cool key concepts with handouts to show off your art. A quest to collect them all or something. Nice!


I really like the idea of key collecting as part of a quest, there is a lot of potential there for story arcs and interesting magic. I was thinking of the illustrations of the keys on cards (both digital and actual cards).

I’m totally fascinated by keys and key design, particularly the old school variety. I think it’s my inner metalsmith calling out.


The box of a thousand locks. The greatest treasure in the world is held in a strongbox or vault and only collecting the magic keys will unlock it :wink: that could be a super cool oldschool videogame idea, and also potentially a fun little way to present the series of drawings



1.26.20 Box of Locks

Note: Inspired by @TheWunderLich I re-worked a drawing I did for the Inktober challenge last year. I think this illustration may possibly fit the story idea. I added color and used lighting and glow effects to bring the illustration up a notch.


Love the lightning on this one



1.27.20 Flaming Skull Circle

Note: A testament to just how random my thought process has been for this project. I wanted to do some kind of area effect spell or barrier and this is what came up. I’m sure this will be useful to someone out there in the ICRPG world. I simply LOVE the symmetry tool. I made a mistake with this one that actually ended up making each skull unique, though your mind makes them look all the same.



1.28.20 Green Sorak


Bonus: 1.28.20 Purple Sorak

Note: Another strange space creature. Telepathic powers? Strange magical force energy? Fear inducing blank eyes? Had fun today with layering transparent colors. Found a new way to create a shadow using the lasso tool. Three more assets to go, then I will take a breather!



1.29.20 Light Mech

Note: A more simplistic style using solid color fill, much faster! My focus here was with line quality and using the symmetry tool to work additively part by part. The nice thing about the symmetry tool is that you can use the erasure tool with it to half your workload. This one reminds me of old school chit tokens for tabletop mech Wargames.