My Art Challenge January 2020 - One VTT Asset Per Day!



You are cranking these things out! I love them, and am going to direct my gaming group to your awesome art. :slight_smile:


Oh wow! Thanks man, I appreciate that!


So perfect, @rpgerminator! Love it! Coming to a VC session near you!



1.13.20 Xill Sentinel

Note: I am dreadfully behind but working hard to catch up. Working through tutorials and trying to figure things out is time consuming but worth it. This one is for @GMagnus. I picture this sentinel shooting a very large energy beam at anything that enters its radius of protection.


Beautiful! The details are so cool.


That. Is. AMAZING!!!
Those pesky mecha pilots never knew what hit them


This sentinel is held together by Xill gravity nodes, the top portion rotates freely like a turret to cover a 360 degree radius. The bottom portion houses Xill gunner pods that control the turret.

Had fun making this one!



1.14.20 Mining Facility

Note: Could be used for a distant planet or perhaps a marine application. Feeling more confident with clipping masks after doing this one. I’m finding that the line work is the most time intense part of the process for me now. Still behind but working every day on these!



1.15.20 Missile Silo

Note: Getting the hang of the ellipse tool with this one.



1.16.20 Mystic Orb

Note: multiple uses for this one. I worked through a tutorial here for making a gem, I would like to try a crystal at some point soon.



1.17.20 Dead Shadow

Note: I wanted to work in a completely different way here and this image popped into my head for something to try.



1.18.20 Timer Tokens

Note: Not my best work but I wanted to knock out some timer tokens that were more visible than the small triangle icons in Roll20. I may revisit these at a later time to spruce them up a bit. These took some time despite their simplicity, mostly due to the numbers.


Bonus: Frozen Lakeshore Background

Note: A bit of a bonus, just playing with some background ideas.


The timer tokens are badass


They are great. Dig the timers.



1.19.20 Flame Timer Tokens

Note: Here is a cleaner set of timer tokens that in my opinion are an improvement over the first set. I learned a bit about the symmetry tool while working on this one. I’m happy with how these turned out.


I love the wavy lines, gradients, and pallet choices. The lines are reminiscent of hanks video on making 3d terrain out of polystyrene and how he does the hand cut/ not straight lines for squares and measurements. very cool



1.20.20 Strange Stone

Note: I used a completely different process with this by partially following along with a tutorial I found on Pinterest. I Began with a sketch layer but then used the lasso tool to fill in gradients and cut chunks of the contour out. I also used a different masking method by locking transparent pixels. This is definitely a direction to work in for the future.


I need to check out that video! This one reminds me of old woodblock printmaking, something done on rice paper. I really like using thin transparent lines to add detail and movement.



1.21.20 Bloat Mounder

Note: Disgusting? Yes. I picture this creature “holding it’s breath” and bloating to an enormous size due to its flappy, fleshy-like skin.