My Art Challenge January 2020 - One VTT Asset Per Day!



I mix and match top down/isometric all the time now. Most things are visually more interesting in isometric.


I agree, the isometric drawings are more interesting for me as well both visually and on the illustration side of things. After testing each one in Roll20 I’m not sure how well they mix though. I have seen other assets with a sort of mix where they are above view but also have a slight isometric to give a little more depth, they are very foreshortened though.


You can always warp the topdown ones so they become iso on VTT like Roll20


Really? That’s a photoshop thing I assume? I have not tried anything like that.


Hm nono you just grab the top of the token on roll20 and resize it top to down and it look like iso KIND OF. It certainly does the trick


That “Fake Iso” might be best though when compatibility is your concern.



1.10.20 Plant Critter


Awesome! I need me some wierd monsters!

Can I challange you to make some specific vtt stuff?


What a fantastic creature!


Of course! Shoot me some ideas and I’ll see what I can do! Just fyi, I’m not much of a figurative artist (yet) so any kind of humanoid illustrations may be a bit cartoony.

I would also like to open the invitation for ideas of what tokens to make to anyone that has been following along. I think it will be good for me to work this way and also I like the idea that it would be more a community effort.


Catching up on your latest postings here. It’s awesome to see the stuff you’re coming up with!

Since you asked, something i don’t see a lot of is devices/machines. At least not readily available on roll20.

Like a computer bank or control pad to place on a wall. Or an apparatus that drops from the ceiling or up from the floor to cause an effect. Think general enough for multi purpose. Maybe steam punkish or a campy Flash Gordon style.


Oooo, I like machines and devices! Are you thinking isometric or top down view with the computer bank or control pad?


And XILL constructions!
There are few WIERD alien tech stuff


Duly noted, I will see what I can come up with!


Your pylons will be featured in warXshell tonight!


Nice!!! Any chance of getting an in-play screen shot of your game?


Ofc! I’ll post later


Either or both I suppose. Like in our game last night I wanted a computer panel for the last room for Red Skull to operate as an example.



1.11.20 Floating Gloomba

Note: A different style here but I am enjoying the minimal aspect of the coloration. This is a very old line drawing I did ten years ago that was scanned in at poor quality, I think it turned out nicely. I learned a TON by doing this one because I followed a tutorial on masking and layers. I also started the illustration with a larger size and scaled it down for the asset size, this made the quality of the image MUCH better. I’m a bit behind here on my challenge but the amount that I have learned has made up for it in my opinion.



1.12.20 Transmorgifier

Note: Moving in the direction of weird machines and computers here. I referenced some 70’s sci-fi computers for this one. I am again going the minimalistic route as far as shading but I was pushing my newly learned skills on masking and layers. I’m getting more familiar with some shortcuts. Still behind but I am tired, I’ll try to catch up tomorrow.