My Art Challenge January 2020 - One VTT Asset Per Day!



Greeting Lumps!

In an effort to venture forth into new artistic territory and to learn some Photoshop I am challenging myself to produce one VTT asset per day for the month of January. I have wanted to produce assets that can be used for Roll20 games for a long time…so here I am ready to rock!

For this challenge I am not going to follow a theme or particular style (I don’t have a digital art style yet). I want to be free to experiment and find a good system to work within and let the style grow organically.
I am going to let the torrent flow as some wise man once said…

I hope these assets may be of some use to you!

Enjoy the ride and thanks for stopping by!

Dope custom Warpshell Paint Job
Thoughts Needed on Token Design


1.1.20 Frozen Stalagmite


Yes yes yes yes yes x :infinity:


Thank you for doing this, looking forward to your posts.



1.2.20 Green Formation


Bonus! A dull green version to mix things up!


Request: SNOW! Like for dropping over maps on a town’s street in patches. Should be a easy (maybe not?) thing to do. But I wanted to make our market map in the Arena game seasonal for the winter and roll20’s snow token options aren’t too great.


Snow is challenging for sure, the coloration is tricky (real snow is not usually pure white), this may be why it’s hard to find some good snow tokens. I will see what I can do, it’s an interesting challenge.



1.3.20 Frozen Flame

Note: I made a lot of mistakes that cost me a lot of headache with this one, live and learn I suppose. I was trying to make the ice have transparent depth, kind of tricky to do. I’m starting to see a theme emerging here, I may just run with it.



1.4.20 Field Condenser

Note: Since I am moving in the direction of a cold environment theme I thought I would put this together. I am getting used to the controls on my Wacom Intuos, I used rotate a TON on this illustration. I am keenly aware of my line quality (that needs work for sure) and getting the outer stroke right (this takes a lot of time to fix and fiddle with), I need to find a better way to do it.

FyI, I test all of these assets in Roll20 before posting them. You can copy and paste multiples and layer them in a row to make the device look more substantial.


It looks fantastic!
It’s going to make it’s way into the warXshell campaign!


Nice!!! I’m happy you will be able to use it!



1.5.20 Crashed UFO

Note: This took a ridiculous amount of time for what it is. I think it was a matter of the concept in my mind being cooler than I could actually pull off. I am considering simplifying a bit for the sake of time for the following days, we shall see.


That Field Condenser . . . awesome! Did you happen to just watch the Hoth battle in Empire Strikes Back for inspiration? heh


Thanks man! Yeah, it is definitely Hoth influenced though I have not watched it in a long while.



1.6.20 Alien Obelisk

Note: I watched a few tutorials on improving line art and working with masks. This is my first attempt using a new approach that uses a sketch layer and then line layer that I can mask. The masking still feels awkward but I will continue pressing on with it. This one took much less time than the previous days illustration.


Omg this is perfect!



1.7.20 Mystic Well

Note: I know this one does not follow the same perspective as the others but this is what came up tonight. Still more work with masking and focus on working on layers. I could probably re-draw this with the matching perspective more quickly now that I have the experience. Come to think of it, I’m a bit torn as to do above view or perspective moving forward. I like the look of perspective but would above view be more practical?


I am hoping to use this in some way. Looks fantastic.



1.8.20 Prismatic Crystal

Note: Another above view illustration. This one went nicely today. I used the smoothing tool for the first time and it worked great for making nice straight lines! Also used a sense flare effect, kinda cool.



1.9.20 Purple Goo

Note: I wanted to work a little more sketchy today. Getting the hang of setting up the sketch layer and putting the finished line work over the top. Played with transparency and gloss, still need some work on this though.