Musketeer (Flintlock guns) Class



Hi all im working one a Musketeer-like idea, and i want to share the class and the gun rules. I still have to complete the abilities, this is the progress so far:


Starting Ability

  • Trained : Reload up to two barrels with a single Action
  • Trained Mastery : Reload up to three barrels with a single Action

Starting Equipment

  • Leadballs : In a natural +15 GUN ATK ATTEMPT, do max EFF

Milestones Abilities

  • Ever Stronger: Add 1 to any STAT

Guns rules

Unless says otherwise, all guns are Flintlock era, roll DEX to attack, do GUN EFF, needs at least 1 action to reload per barrel, and occupies 1 INV space.

Some are two handed (2H)

Missfire on 1, that means that needs to do a DEX check to fix it and reload.


  • Pistol : NEAR range
  • Musket : FAR range, +1 WP EFF, 2H, 2 INV spaces.
  • Shotgun : Up to two adjacent targets at CLOSE range, NEAR range, 2H, 2 INV spaces
  • Ammo Pouch : Needed for reload and store ammo and gunpowder

Flintlock weapons

My quick thought is
1: if you are going to require a turn to reload, have them hit really hard!
Reason: A turn to reload can be a big cost of game time and as a player I would want a BIG reward if half my combat time is the somewhat not exciting action of “reload”

2: don’t require the reload action and keep the misfires and other things, but if that’s the case what is the defining feature that sets this apart from a bow and arrow? That’s always a key question on my mind when talking about old school guns.

Hope these thoughts are helpful, I love the idea of a class built around this! It’s a bit of an evergreen DIY topic.


hello, thanks for the tips, my idea behind the Musketeer is that you have like 2 or 3 pistols, and something like a rapier, if after discharging all your guns the foe is still standing then you can choose to spend a turn reloading or draw your sword and go melee.

even if the PC will only to use guns, you can still (if is a musketeer) can still reload up two barrels in a turn, then then can still shot two other turns without reloading, doing gun effort and if it rolls a +15 will do MAX effort, i think that will be overpowered if it can do that without any cost whatsoever.


I shoot recurve bow, American flat bow and English long bow, and have done some reading about the use of bows in battle. To answer your question about the difference between old guns and bows and arrows, is that bows are a hell of a lot faster, a trained archer could shoot 10 arrows to 1 flintlock shot, but the gun is more accurate. On another note the flintlock is useless in the rain, the bow will be fine. For game play I can see you don’t want to much boring time .


hello, agreed but in my games i dont see the point to have that level of historically accuracy in my games. On the other side if you are using the Master edition hunters QUICK DRAW ability and the dices favor your, you can simulate just that, an archer unleashing arrow behind arrow on the same turn.