Musical Musings To Muster Magical Immersion



At the suggestion of Lon and the goading of Berger, I have decided to continue this effort here. This is the third installment of curated music for your sessions. The first two are buried deep in the death scroll hellz of Discord past, but I will find them, and bring them to you…enjoy. - OF

Obis-Faedux curates: Sonorous Sorceries to Salve those Sans Salvation…Volume III

In my travels through the omni-sphere, I have seldom come upon such a rich offering. This droning, somber dirge evokes a forlorn journey through the lowlands of viridescent foliage, and craggy foothills, of the lost Kingdom of Winselt in search of the ruins of the Farseat of Hrozgul.
Lonesome lands, indeed
Few are they that would trod the paths ye dare wander in your time at the table Faire DM, so…If ye would find yourselves footing it overland, or trudging ever closer to that next hex, rolling for 1/6 random encounters, employ this in session to great effect and give that feeling of ennui that comes from weeks spent with dangerous companions, in blighted, bare, and lawless lands.

Pairs well with Nat Donkeys, Chimay Ale (any color will do), and Friends
Until next time…(chortle)

Album: Du Bach
Creator: Crymych