Musical Inspiration



I didn’t see any list of cool songs to get people inspired for encounter making. I like the idea of how hank had used War Pigs as the theme for one of his games.

Cool songs to consider listening for inspiration:

“veteran of the Psychic Wars” - Blue Oyster Cult
“Mustapha” - Queen
“going to california” - Led Zeppelin
“Kashmir” - Led Zeppelin
“No Quarter” - Led Zeppelin
“39’” - Queen
“Death on Two Legs” - Queen
“The Prophets Song” - Queen
In the lap of the Gods" (also the revisited version) - Queen
“Lily of the Valley” - Queen

If you Have any other ideas please list them for others and I! thank you!


Pretty much any song by “Rush” inspires me. Probably because it’s what we lisented to back in the day when we played DnD Basic so I always associated the band with role-playing in my mind.

“A Farewell to Kings”
“Armor and Sword”
“Seven Cities of Gold”
“The Necromancer”
The Trees” (my favorite!)

Pink Floyd’s “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” and " Ummagumma" albums are good.

Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict

Probably some Emerson, Lake and Palmer too!


I run a post apocalypse campaign, and I’ve been using most of Tom Waits Discography, some Bauhaus, A Perfect Circle, and Primus to design around. Mostly just tone instead of direct design parallels.


Bastion soundtrack. I have an entire blog post about it over at The Grizzly Rant


Just listened to his “Rain Dogs” album this week. Good stuff!


This is a work in progress thanks to brilliant suggestions from people in this community.

There is music suggested with the intro, check out some free inspiration.


Here’s an off the beaten track one - with Tuvan throat singing
Tuva Groove by Kongar ol Ondar



Nothing says encounter-making like imagining your party doing battle. Here’s the huge playlist I’ve been working on for years.

If you decide to check this out, please reply and let me know if you can view the whole playlist. Should be named “Battle Atmosphere”, and contain 130 songs.

May the sounds of combat ignite the flames of creativity within your mind!



Sorry, but I can’t seem to link the whole youtube playlist I mentioned. Not sure how embedding works on this website. I’d love to share though. Maybe someone versed in coding 101 can drop in and lend a hand?


It’s okay don’t worry about it. If you really want to post it you can put your favorite songs on the playlist here or a screen shot of it. :+1:


Anything by Wardruna
Mastodon - Jaguar God
The Sword - Warp Riders
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland
MYRKUR - Ulvinde
The HU - Wolf Totem

Should be able to paste in the link and the forum will auto format it for you.


Nickster, I tried that method first. When you follow the link it opens Youtube, and plays the song, but it doesn’t include the playlist.


Okay so I think I did a lot of extra work for no other reason than to loop back around to where i began. @Nickster, you were totally right dude.
@Tanwangco42, Here you go my dude. And to anyone else who needs BGM for their table. Mine till your pickaxe is dull, or your cart is full.


Holy yes Warduna and Mastodon.

I used this on Sunday, for a weird semi-Lovecraftian one-shot:

It’s part of the soundtrack to Bloodborne that wasn’t used in the final game. Super creepy and evocative.


The Sword! Yesss. The entire Warp Riders album crackles with pow-ah!

Thanks for sharing these. I had never heard of King Gizzard prior to this. You have great taste in toons!
The album cover for Polygondwanaland looks like it belongs in a Nintendo Power fold-out for some hidden gem RPG that only a few friends have played.


I was getting some Big Trouble in Little China vibes in there. This was really cool. Thanks for sharing Back Tuva Future!


You’re right that is creepy and evocative. Whurbin, did you use this in conjunction with the map you posted a picture of at your gaming table?

Oh hey, if you want to take this lovecraftian vibe further with your music, i HIGHLY suggest using some *Sephiroth-R’lyeh (its even in the name, heh?)

I used this to tremendous effect as our party entered the inner sanctum of an ancient heirophant which had been utterly corrupted by a newly sentient fungus hive mind. So creepy to have the aforementioned track in the background as the final boss posed some very alien existential questions to the PCs while they waded through a snowblind of mutagenic spores and human-esque horrors.


Yes! This was the soundtrack to that boss fight.

I also love Final Fantasy 7, so will definitely check out Sephiroth-R’lyeh :grin:


one of the greatest movies ever made


For you heavy metal lovers out there