Music To RPG By



When it comes time for game prep or just to get into the mood for game time what are you listening to? Does it differ by setting?

Besides some Blind Guardian I mean. :sunglasses:


oh Man, Blind Guardian was such a huge Band in my early RPG Days. Don‘t know how often i was on Live Gigs in that time. Now i have to have to listen to it for the next week or so, thx for that😅


For prep and Cyberpunk, I listen to Mega Drive - 198XAD (and now 199XAD).


Yeah, very Cyberpunk. they remind me of Dance with the Dead who I just became aware of as they were on a show here recently. Also perfect for Cyberpunk . . …


if you like stuff like that maybe you already know carpente brute.

they pretty nail it for me


And never use the Word Carpenter without John.
One of my favorite Synth Artists still.
All of his Film Scores as well as his other Tracks are a big inspiration for me



I have found this repository to be really nice.


I listen to some good old Gloryhammer!! :smiley:

If you listen from the first album, it’s a complete story that is still going on!! :smiley:


Oh man I love me some Gloryhammer. In my mind it’s alfheim characters in the warpshell setting.

If I did a Pirate of the Caribbean campaign, I would jam on iced earth before each session


I did think on writing a bit of a supplement for ICRPG with Gloryhammer’s elements. Or perhaps something more related to my own country? We’ll see…

I do need to listen to all the tunes in this thread!! :smiley:


Mostly put on soundscapy video game music from elder scrolls or something. I like Zelda boss music for boss fights. For cyberpunk throw on any synthwave and call it g.