Music And Sounds in games?



Probably my silly question of the week. Those of you who have major playlist for your games, or come up with set sounds for your adventures.

Does it add much for the extra effort?

I’m one of those leave it and forget it people with playlists, if I use them. And for the games I played with background sounds for setting, while enthralled, I found them distracting while I played.

I’m not dismissing the power of music, but I’m as likely to have some chill jazz in the background or other improv type music as anything. At a low volume, and forget its there. All it’s there for is to drown out the other distracting sounds.

I want to forget myself at the table not…room B has playlist 47…environment sounds 78.

Anyway just asking about return on investment?


I generally don’t use music in live games (too distracting) but have come to appreciate music and sound effects in online play. I think the key for play in Roll20, at least, is that everyone has his or her own volume control, which means the experience can be self-tailored or turned off completely.


I’m a huge fan of music as a backdrop for games. Just tonight @TheWunderLich used Hankerin’s DJ mix and it was pretty sweet.

I use it in all my online games. But I wouldn’t do it if players couldn’t control their own volume though.


Here is the link to @Runehammer’s Dungeon DJ page where you too can stream his sick beats at your vtt game :smiley:


Thanks for the link… did not consider VTT. Ya for games over the internet I can appreciate it with personal volume control…lowering it to background.


I use music in my games but just in the background. I found two playlists on Spotify I use. One for action and one for the other stuff


Diablo 2 soundtrack on YouTube at low volume is my favorite. It is ambient, slightly creepy, with some sound fx subtly mixed in.


I use music in both online games and my home games in the Red Dragon Inn. My game room has speakers built into the room that are driven by a bluetooth receiver in the closet. That makes it easy to use an iPad for my playlists.

Now, what do I use for my playlists? I am glad you asked. There is a gentlemen, Brian Davis, on Spotify who has put together a bunch of playlists. You can find him at Brian Davis on Spotify. He has different playlists for atmosphere, ambient, and combat. I just pick one depending on where the characters are. I keep the volume fairly low so it isn’t distracting from the gameplay at the table. My players love it.