Mundane Class


In Monster of the Week there is a class called “Mundane” which I absolutely adore. Basically your goal is to wander off by yourself, get caught by the monsters and level yourself and your team up when they rescue you. There is, of course, some incentive for doing this and I’d love to translate this to ICRPG.

It will need some fleshing out but here is my quick conversion:

TAG Always The Victim: Attacks against any Target that has captured you are EASY for you and your allies

TAG: Oops! when your character is alone any investigation checks are EASY

TAG: Let’s Get Out Of Here! You may give one of your actions to a NEAR ally to allow them to move away from an enemy

TAG Panic Button: any attempts to find a way out of a bad situation are EASY

TAG: The Power of Heart: When fighting a monster you may use one of your actions to make a CLOSE ally’s attack EASY

TAG: Trust Me Attempts to tell a normal person the
truth in order to protect them from danger are EASY and they will follow simple orders.

TAG: What Could Go Wrong? when you charge into a situation without hesitation (at a monster, rush into a door, etc) your first attempt rolled is EASY

TAG: Don’t Worry, I’ll Check It Out (only in games that dole out experience points) when you wander off alone you get additional experience at the end of the encounter -or- (loot based systems) when you wander off alone you get to roll an additional time on the LOOT table.

I’m not sure about stats or starting gear but this player is expected to be absolutely ordinary in every sense. Poor stats make this character more fun. In Monster of the Week, lots of these abilities help give extra EXP so that is also an optional boon for getting caught or wandering off alone. Basically the more danger they get themselves into (and out of) the more EXP or LOOT the team can get.