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Found this just minutes ago and wanted to share. There has been a lot of recent discussions on this forum regarding VTTs and wanted to add another resource to all the excellent info and effort by this ICRPG community.

I have quickly become a fan of this youTuber’s channel and content. This is his latest using “Table Top Simulator” (available from Steam). Worth a watch, even if you don’t want to use this VTT - for tips and ideas.

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Hey @Murder_Hobo_Show, you have a fan! :smirk:


I’m fortunate enough to get to play in Murderhobo’s ICRPG games on TTS. He really know his stuff and puts a tonne of time behind creating these maps.


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Yep. I’m a fan!!:herocoin:


Another fan here! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Been a fan of @murder_hobo_show for along time. He is the reason I picked up TTS in the first place.


I always listen to @Murder_Hobo_Show ‘s new podcasts, good stuff & makes me laugh. Been awhile since we’ve had a Threats, Treats & Timers (ahem).