More monster tokens, ICRPG Style?


Hello all, long time GM, new to ICRPG and love what I have seen so far. I know DIY is a big part of it but my artistic skill is zero. And I have a thing that all my tokens must be the same style. I was surprised there hasn’t been a fan attempt to redraw the whole MM as ICRPG art style or the like. Did I not see it? Or is the community just not that hung up on consistent style like I am?

Are there more tokens in the ICRPG style hidden away somewhere? I have almost everything Runehammer has released so far.


First of all, welcome to the community, Marcus! We love it when the shield wall grows stronger!

As for additional tokens, if you have grabbed all of the available tokens on Patreon, you probably do have a complete set by now.

I guess no one has attempted to redraw the 5e MM because most of us generally find that we have the majority of the tokens we need for most scenarios. What monsters are you lamenting not having in the collection? Also, I have seen a lot of folks that enjoy having their hero tokens be consistent while not being so fussy about the monster tokens matching. At least, that’s my personal preference.

All of that being said, Hank occasionally puts up polls on Patreon about things people would like to see, and although I keep voting for more assets, the community seems to keep picking other projects. Lol. That being said, with enough voices asking for more monster tokens, maybe Hank will knock it out one day.


Thanks Alex! I wager I can reuse a bunch of hero tokens as monsters as well. I was looking through the monster tokens folder for VTT play and there are barely over 30 in there. Planning to do a “underdark” start and the tokens don’t seem to deliver much in that regard like fungoides and the like. I probably will just have to hack up some of the art.


Hank has definitely done some myconids that would fit the bill for fungoids. If you don’t have those tokens from Patreon, I think they were included in an adventure he posted.


Weird I thought I got everything. Maybe it was a higher up exclusive? Thanks for the pointer, I will dig around.

edit Got them, they are in The Mercury Dale!


Yep. Mainframe 33: Mercury Dale!