More input requested


Revised cover. Better?


Made a few tweaks. i think this is the one!


Yup! The added art let’s me know a bit of what I’ll find inside, too. :+1:


I am not digging how “busy” the whole design is. With art running into art, you are creating tension points that draw the eye in unpleasant ways. If you are going to use that design, there are two options. One, surround the central character art with a strong, wide outline to set it off from the maps. I would try back or red and see where that gets you. Two, you could have the maps fade off as they approach the central art, leaving a clear open outline between the maps and the central figures. I’d like to see option two, as I think the fuzzy suggestion of what is inside may be more intriguing to a reader and create a sense of wanting to see the full design inside.

Just my two cents worth. YMMV.


Also, I am just chiming back in to say how much I love A Ring Removed. Such a great adventure.


So, after watching ol’ Ingrid’s layout vid the other day, I’ve got to agree with Alex. A bit of a gutter around the central figures would help. LovReally like his fade suggestion. But otherwise, I love the style. Takes me back!


@Alex What about something like this?


Thank you! I have a lot of great, new ideas for this supplement!


If monochromatic is the only choice. Some opacity on the background or angle it so it seems to be a different plane then the main art.

If not, since you are using the blue grid, I would go with sepia for the background art. Keeping the main art in black.

Also I’d use rule of thirds with the main art. Top left third should be empty until primary art begins. Look up rule of thirds and composition.

Total opinion, and very little training in this.
I’d still look at it ;-p


Here is a quick rendition of what I was thinking. Something like this, maybe.

Anyway, just my two cents worth.