More Index Card Packs?


Hank when will we see more Index Card packs? Love your artwork but would really love to see some new packs now for our games.


Maybe I’m wrong, but @Runehammer have mentioned that he’s gonna release a cyberpunk edition. Correct me if that’s not true.


I’d love a modern/supers set as well.


I would really love this


No current plans. With 400 cards in the bin, I don’t see a ton of value in hundreds more… they are truly gruelling to create, and my interests have wandered on a bit…


I’m disappointed and also confused, so no longer interested in supporting ICRPG?


Hardly! ICRPG has become a huge set of stuff! The idea with the volumes was to set things in motion, not just draw until my arm fell off :slight_smile: SO MUCH content has been created so far for ICRPG, I don’t think card volumes are really where things are headed for me…

The next big thing for ICRPG will be its third edition, which will only really start to appear when the time feels right. Right now 2e has so much momentum, it would be silly to force a new edition out.

In addition, ICRPG has had a profound effect on how a lot of readers play other systems, like 5e and Pathfinder. That creative legacy is also a big part of where my focus is right now.

Beyond all this, my main interest is always just PLAYABLE CONTENT like in my recent youtube series.


Appreciate the response, but I’d have to remind you that to some of us your beautifully created index cards is all the tools we need to create our own “playable content” and probably the reason we picked up ICRPG in the first place.

I haven’t got the time to sit and read through a 5e module, memorise all the details and encounters, build dwarven forge terrain etc. …just to have some fun at the table with an RPG. I remember sat watching your videos explaining how great the index cards method was, so space becomes abstract and they are all we need for a night of adventure and we were so excited to get in to the table.

It still seems a strange decision to me that I can’t quite get my head around. You create a system based around the index cards, tell us how great it is and then move onto something else, like you’ve lost faith in your own product.

Look I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, as I can’t tell you how much ICRPG has helped our gaming nights and I’m sure people will still pick up the books for all the great DM advice and suggestions, adventure hooks and loot tables, etc.

So when third edition comes, if it’s not so dependant on the index cards, perhaps it deserves rebranding into something new, I even think this has been discussed before elsewhere.


Another take on this: perhaps there’s an opportunity for other members of the community to make more cards for use with ICRPG. This would support Ingrid as he follows his nose into new realms of creativity, and empower our illustrators to shine with their talents. Thoughts?


I mean, that sounds like an awesome idea. If everybody did one, we’d easily hit a volume of 100.


YES. Should we have a theme for this set? Spiderpunks?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think cyberpunk or modern. They would be great supplements for things like Altered State, Vigilante City, or BearCats.


I’ve been hoping for modern urban cards :smiley:


Then lets try that first :slight_smile: Nothing is stopping us from making more.


Have you thought about calling 3rd edition ICRPG, rather than index card rpg.

I could be wrong but in my spruiking of the game some people have a negative reaction to the thought of index cards and don’t realise it can be played completely without index cards.

Food for thought


The love of index cards isn;t the love of MY INDEX CARDS… it’s YOURS!


weirdest thread ever