More generator tools like this?




I am looking for more generators that use dice, like this and that, and I am wondering if you guys could link me some more!

I am aware of the generator using the rubix cube in Five Torches Deep and it looks like they are making some cool new stuff with it with every book, but to use that one I would need to buy those books, haha! So they don’t count too much!

Thanks a lot!


Take a look to There’s a pdf version i think in the same page, and a web page with climates added, but i dont remember where is it.


This blog post at Last Gasp Grimoire has an interesting mechanism. It’s a little longer than a single business card, though. :grinning:

I purchased, but haven’t yet read, Mapping the Catacombs which might have something useful for you.


@Angram091 @skippy Thank you both for your suggestions! I’m looking them over right now while listening to Mr. Welch’s smooth voice!


I use this to generate random “encounter spaces” when needed. Basically a D6 drop-die zone generation system. Experience has shown me that getting the players involved with interpreting the dice drop patterns and adding Zone Descriptors works fast and gets them really invested in the scene!


I’m certainly a fan of room/terrain generators like this, however after reading this particular one I must say that it is quite complicated… sorry! :sweat:


Sorry for what? I didn’t write the product just passing it along so I have no skin in this game. You asked for recommendations lol.

In practice it takes about 3-5 minutes to set it up. It’s pretty straightforward, but to each his own.


I dunno, might just be because English is not my first language, some details are fuzzy when I read it. :sweat:


Does Maze Rats counts? :stuck_out_tongue: that’s basically the random generator I use the most in every game I GM.


I already use it and it’s great! :smiley:


Could you perhaps re-write it so my brain can understand it? I don’t know if it’s my mastery of English language that is not enough or if it’s just too “prosy” but I just can’t make head or tail of what that PDF is saying. But I would appreciate knowing more, at least to understand it! Pleeaase? :blush: