More Crew Members!



Hey Everybody,

I just finished up my second set of crew tokens and thought I would let you all know. I busted my rump on these but I think it payed off. I have been running an ongoing Warpshell campaign on Roll20 called the Necromancer and these are the main characters aboard the ship (so far). Where they are specific to characters in my game I think they are still very usable to help spruce up any Warpshell or sci-fi game. anyways, thanks for stopping by and GAME ON!



Fabulous work as usual man, so glad Lou gets to make a cameo in your assets! He has been such a fun character to play. Also, anyone who hasn’t checked out all of the other token sets, I encourage you to do so. Everything @rpgerminator has put out has a real fun aesthetic to bring to the table.


Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! There’s always a place on the Necromancer for the famous Mr. Gooey (who has the ability to hulk out into a massive boogery blob).

I also want to shout out a big thank you for everyone who has supported me over the last handful of months! You have all been instrumental in me overcoming the inertia and getting this token art business up and running. So, thank you shield wall!

I do have more sets in the works and intend on rocking this out for a long while. There may be a time where I post the releases in the forums here a bit less as I will be shifting things to my website and social media (Insatgram for now). Patreon is on the horizon but it is going to be a while before I get there. So, if anyone wants to follow along on Instagram please drop by Gnomebot Studios, I’d be happy to connect with you there!

Happy gaming folks!


These are absolutely stunning! Great work.


Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!


I have upgraded three of the illustrations in this set to the new format, anyone who has purchased this set before now has access to the files for these. This was the third set of upgrades and I expect probably one more until I get into some new illustrations. In any case, the set for these is now available on DriveThruRPG.