Monstrous Logic Monster A.I. - Enemy AI for TTRPG Combat


I just bought a copy, looks great. As a solo player this will help me a lot.


Thank you so much! I’d appreciate a rating/review on my store page when you have the opportunity. Not only does it help with the algorithms, it also helps others decide whether ML is right for them.


Thank you for supporting my work! I would greatly appreciate a rating/review on my store page so others can decide if Monstrous Logic is right for them.


Happy to support good creators. I’ve add my review/rating to the drive through gaming site. Thanks for a great product. :slight_smile:


Thank you that’s so thoughtful. I’m really happy you enjoyed my product. : )


I picked this up and have been using it to create my own little bestiary for my home group. Thanks.


Sweet! My next release Undead // Faeries is gonna have some more goodies for creating monsters. Look out for that later this month.