Monster Worksheet



Thought I’d share my Monster Worksheet I was using in this morning’s stream I had over on my channel. I was inspired by @Ezzerharden’s GM Worksheets and tried to match that style so it would fit in within his set. Additionally, I included elements from @GmGrizzly’s MONSTER Vol and some really good ideas @Lon shared a while ago on the Discord channel. Anyway, I would love to see any monster designs anyone wants to share :smiley:


Ezzerharden’s GM Worksheets for ICRPG

GM Grizzly’s Grizzly Encounter MONSTERS VOL 1

Monster Sets Template

I saw the video in my feed. Going to check it out later.


Yes! Thanks man. I have purchased Ezzerharden’s prep sheets and have been using them. This fits in nicely.


That sheet is fire! Thank you for the share! And shout out.

A huge benefit of a form like this is that it is a perfect answer to the question “how do I make my goblins Feel different and exciting again?”


This looks awesome! Should make it way easier to create interesting monsters. I always struggle to figure out what steps I need to take in the design process. Having all the pieces in from of me should help a lot!


Are your other prep sheets available somewhere?


Thi is pretty complete! Thanks a lot! :smiley:


No, I’ve never made my other additional sheets available, but maybe someday soon after I have time to tweak them all and maybe make some changes to differentiate them a little from Ezzerharden’s more. Definitely want to respect all the amazing work he’s done :smiley:


This… is… AWESOME!
Excellent job! The layout is logical and easy to read. It’ll get a ton of use at my table.


Awesome work as usual!